Tea Party (not what you’re thinking)

I talk a lot about my friends and family. This is the place to go to keep an eye on what’s happening on that front. There will be some crossover with the “Tea for Two,” since oftentimes I add snippets of my friends’ advice to my dating posts.

I’ve chosen an image of Alice in Wonderland for my tea party because, well, we’re all a little mad in my world. It seemed most fitting…


“Nothing is unfigureoutable” she said

Fighting and the Aftermath

Confessions of Depression and Other Things

Rewind and Review of My Current Situation

Well meaning advice can backfire.

Radio Silencewelcome-friends

Remaking myself

Starting some s***

“I wondered what…”

My Pursuit of Happiness

Yes, yes you did.


“Nothing is unfigureoutable” she said

Disney and Abandonment Issues

SimpsonsFamily2Confessions of Depression and Other Things

Nature vs Nurture (Part 2)

Nature vs. Nurture (part 1)

Less Eeyore-ish Today

It’s My Life

Five Things I Learned from Being Adopted.

Beauty Queens and Texas Whores


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