Mixed Kettle

The phrase “a mixed kettle of fish” obviously doesn’t have much to do with tea, but it does deal with a mess, and sometimes a hodgepodge of a state of affairs. Similarly, this is the place where you can find a mixed kettle of topics. In the past, I’ve discussed family and friends, teaching, being adopted, and a variety of other things that just seem to happen in life. With the new year, I’m looking to rearrange this blog and focus primarily on love and romance and relationship advice.

Everything else, can be found here.

Click on the links below to find some of the posts from the past (and a handful of more recent things) that don’t fit the purview of this blog as it exists now:

Tea(ching) with Children: tales of my experiences with teaching.

Just One Cup: For my more introspective moments about me, my life, my adoption, and such.

Tea Party: Stories of my friends and family.


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