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What Women Want

What Women Want seems to be the theme for this year’s International Woman’s Day. I’m assuming they’re not looking for the same type of thing as what was in that somewhat cheesy Mel Gibson movie from years back, but something slightly more substantial. Though, that movie is kind of a good place to start…

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The Whirlwind continues…

So it’s been about 10 days since my last post, and there’s a pretty obvious reason for my absence: I finally got to start on the new job!! I wasn’t even allowed in the building until HR had completed my paperwork, which meant that I couldn’t be on campus until I finally signed my papers around 2:30 pm on Thursday of last week.

On the plus side, that meant that I missed all the terribly boring inservice meetings that they make teachers go through, and this year there were 2 full weeks of them!

On the down side, I missed almost 2 full weeks of meetings and therefor almost 2 full weeks of work! They altered my contract accordingly… meaning that my contract is worth around $2K less than it should be.

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I am not an Impostor…

Contrary to how I feel, I am not a bad teacher, and my methods are not completely garbage, and when I receive praise from people from outside my current school, it is not a matter of luck or just good timing.

A thing was said to me by someone who should have known better, a thing that was hurtful, and something that this person should never have said to me because of the nature of our relationship. It was a thing that he said while angry and cleaning up someone else’s mess. What he said was that I and the other people with a similar relationship to him were all spoiled rotten and completely useless… In relating the story to the Boy, he asked if I truly believed that.

And I laughed!

“Well, I do have that whole low self-esteem thing…” I told him.

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Prejudice Run Amok

There seems to be an epidemic of educated men saying the most ridiculously sexist things lately. I’m hardly one to be a proponent of the newest wave of feminism with it’s unbridled male-bashing, but the idiotic statements, in the news and semi-locally, about women in fields heretofore dominated by men have made me think that perhaps that battle isn’t quite done being fought either. With all the focus on Caitlyn Jenner and the trans-movement, I think I forgot that, in America at least, we haven’t made all that much progress after all.

Don’t mistake me, we definitely have opened the doors for women to enter into fields that have been previously shut to them. And the recent victories in the LGBTQ community are wonderful; we’re closer to marriage equality for all, finally. As for the race war, in theory all the media coverage of the racial prejudices of police departments across the country will bring an end to the race debate for once and all (wishful thinking, I know, but I’m trying not to be completely sour). All of these small victories working together should equal a big victory and an end to inequality, especially in a country who’s motto is one of freedom and opportunity for all…

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April 2015 Recap

I usually try to do these on the first of the month, but with the STAAR test and the other various dramas at work I haven’t been able to really take a moment to do much reflection. Since we’re on a new test schedule to finish out the STAAR test for the other subjects, I have found myself in an oddly empty space of time for the next hour or so, and thus I can do my monthly review.

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