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Happy VD… wait…

Valentine’s Day finally arrived. I hope everyone had a fantastic day full of love, be it romantic or platonic, and that it helped you to remember what a beautiful/handsome badass you truly are!

Even as commercial as the day has become, and even with the twisted dark history of the holiday, today is a day that is meant to spread love and romance… maybe a little lust…

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Day 7: Favorite Foods

As a bit of a foodie, this is kind of a hard question for me. I have a lot of things I like and yet there are a ton of things I haven’t even tried yet.

It might be easier to list the things I don’t like. Haggis, for one. The first (and only) time I ate it, it actually put me in the hospital. My body reacted so violently to it, I threw up for 12 hours…

And Pho.

It looks so good! Too bad it smells so awful!
It looks so good! Too bad it smells so awful!

Star Anise is one of the key ingredients; it smells and tastes like black licorice. I hate black licorice. The Boy took me for Pho on our first date. I told him to order for me because I didn’t know anything about it. I think maybe he thought that he picked wrong for me, but he couldn’t know my aversion to licorice. And I didn’t know enough about Pho to warn him.

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And Superman is Back: How He Proved Me Wrong and Gave Me the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

We’ve discussed it before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again: I deal in extremes. I am a dramatic person and I tend to run either really hot or really really cold. There is no in-between.

On Friday (and most of Saturday) I was convinced that I was going to have a repeat of last year, when my Valentine’s Day was cancelled because of a silly, irrelevant fight. I think I’m justified in my misconception: I had come up with what I thought was the best, most laid back Valentine’s date idea ever, and it was rejected without any word on a replacement date. Continue reading “And Superman is Back: How He Proved Me Wrong and Gave Me the Best Valentine’s Day Ever”

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Unconventional Hearts

For those of you keeping up, I have been making a Valentine’s day gift for Superman. It’s a bit on the cutesy side, and not at all practical. And probably not a good choice, but I did it. I made it all by myself… with minimal help from the minions, aka my roommate’s children.

So I present to you one Donatello Ninja Turtle Plush Heart. Completely sewn by hand, no machine at all. And not bad for a first time sewing project without a pattern.

Here’s hoping Superman likes it.

2015-02-13 23.22.27 (2)Hell, at this rate, here’s hoping Superman even gets it… Not sure if there are Valentine’s Day plans or not. There were… They’re unconfirmed and a bit on the wishy washy side at the moment.

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The Valentine’s Trap

It’s that time of year again. As some of you may remember, last year’s Valentine’s Day didn’t end so great. My date was cancelled, I received no gifts. Instead I ended up going to an Anti-Valentine’s Day party and making due as best I could. The party was fun. A group of the book club girls all got together and had non-date food and broken heart cookies with things like “Luv Sux” written on them in icing.

But it wasn’t the same.

There is just something about Valentine’s Day that makes people a little bit crazier than usual. And by people, I mean women. Whether we mean to or not, this holiday turns us into gift snobs. We go all bonkers thinking about what we might get, and we judge the gifts to gauge how much the person buying them actually cares about us.


Now that doesn’t necessarily include the price tag… If you remember from last year’s V-Day post, I reminisced about the year I was proposed to as part of the celebration. Even though he’d spent quite a bit of money on the day (and I made sure he knew I appreciated it), the parts that I really remember were relatively inexpensive. He took me to a cafe while we were dressed in formal wear and we played checkers while we had our Iced Vanilla Chai lattes. He had a bottle of my favorite (at the time) wine, which was only a $9 bottle. He bought me a gold-dipped rose because I’d mentioned it… which while more than he should have spent, proved that he actually listened to what I said.

Those are the things I remember.

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