Weekend Coffee Share: Soup and Snuggles

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well. If you are, you are doing better than me. I’ve gotten another cold. Kept me out another day of work on Friday. In fact today is the first day in about 3 days that I haven’t been worried about breathing and a sore throat… Though my throat is a little bit sore, I think that’s because I slept with my mouth open some last night.

Who knows how many spiders I ate in my sleep…

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Just a Quickie…

Update, that is.

When I started this, it was yesterday and nearly my bed time; I’m just now getting back to it while I’m waiting on the Boy to get home… I beat him here. I didn’t get half of the things done that I had wanted to do last night, and tonight will be equally as non-productive, but I wanted to give you a quick update on how things went this weekend. I’ll try to keep it brief, but you know me.

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Sometimes letting go is hard…

And sometimes it is so easy!

So, just yesterday I was crowing about how awesome the Boy was, and how he did a thing that none of the guys I’ve dated have ever done… or at least not in a long time. Like 15 years or more.

It seems I wasn’t as clear as I’d like to have been, but it was after midnight and I was quite tired. Let me set the record straight (since it caused a bit of a row with The Ex):

  1. I did not coerce the Boy into letting me come over.
  2. I don’t think the Ex is wholly evil.
  3. And, contrary to the opinions of some, I do not have to always have my way.

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It’s About Time!

*Edited for clarity…

This will be a short post. It’s after midnight and I just got home from an impromptu evening with the Boy (new one, not old one). It was a night that confirmed that he deserves the title more than the previous owner…

Of course, you have to understand that I mean it as in the Boy, with me being the Girl. As in a matching set. As in he is as close as I’ve ever been to the One.

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Weekend Coffee Share: New Projects

While we get settled, just be aware, I’m not getting out of my jammies today for anyone! While we sip our highly caffeinated beverages (I’m having a soda today; I wanted the bubbles), I’d tell you about how busy, busy, busy this week has been.

It began with STAAR testing… well, it began with the darkening loom of the STAAR testing… and it ended with my latest Camp NaNoWriMo project: Scrambled Eggs and Broken Hearts.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Spring Break!!

This week, if we were catching up over coffee, mine would be Irish! You know, with a little Bailey’s in it. And I’d still be in my pj’s even though it’s nearly dinner time.


Because it’s Spring Break, and I don’t have anywhere that I have to be!!!

Seriously, though, I do have lots to talk about and lots to do, just I’m enjoying that I don’t have to do it in a rushed manner like most weekends. I can stay up late if I want to and sleep in if I need to. It’s going to be glorious!

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