Weekend Coffee Share: Spring Break!!

This week, if we were catching up over coffee, mine would be Irish! You know, with a little Bailey’s in it. And I’d still be in my pj’s even though it’s nearly dinner time.


Because it’s Spring Break, and I don’t have anywhere that I have to be!!!

Seriously, though, I do have lots to talk about and lots to do, just I’m enjoying that I don’t have to do it in a rushed manner like most weekends. I can stay up late if I want to and sleep in if I need to. It’s going to be glorious!

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Happy Blogiversary to me!

Who would have thought that five years would see so much change, and yet so much stay the same!

Five years ago today, I started writing about my life in a very small town, as a new teacher, aware that I was too progressive for the area I was in, and thinking that my blog would be my way of dealing with the pressures of being so liberal in such a conservative, backwoods area.

I fully expected this to be like Dangerous Minds, but in the country.

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Personal update

I started the new year hot and heavy with more postings in a week than I have ever done before. It’s been fun, actually writing and knowing that people were paying attention to what I have to say. This week, however, I’ve been a little MIA. Some of you may remember that I have been taking a little break from teaching. I’ve been struggling with my place in the world. I had lost faith in myself.

I lost faith in myself in a lot of areas, but especially in teaching.

Dont-lose-faith-quotesI had lost faith so much, I was thinking about giving up. I was also thinking about teaching from home. I think that is still a big part of the master plan, but for the moment, I just need a real job again. The tutoring has been nice, I like my kiddos, but it’s also been a hassle as I don’t live in the same area anymore, and I haven’t moved my tutoring to my new area… partially because I’m in a smaller area. Continue reading