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Why do we divide ourselves? (part 2)

So a short while ago I started talking about how we separate (or divide, to stick to the title) ourselves into categories and judge each other based on those categories. I had wanted to talk about more serious stuff, but ended up using the whole post to rehash how some of the most recent men in my dating life have stopped seeing me as human, and how it was due to their racial make-up.

No, the irony of me talking about how we shouldn’t categorize people and then me doing that exact thing is not lost on me.

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Weekend Coffee Share: The trouble with boys…

This weekend, if we were talking over our frappuccinos (it’s still too hot in Texas for hot coffee), I’d tell you that things are up and down all over the place in my little realm of the world! On the upside, I’m still talking to the Gym Guy (I want to think reader Rowena for that nickname). He seems genuinely sweet, and while there are some concerns, I’m still reserving final judgment until we’ve actually met face to face.

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Weekend Coffee Share: One more week

If we were meeting up for coffee this weekend, I would tell you how exhausted I was because it’s the end of the school year. I would also tell you that there’s just one more week!

Am I ready for the school year to be over? Yes and no.

Yes because this has been a particularly troubling year. I’ve struggled with keeping on top of things, I haven’t worked well with my team in a lot of areas. I feel like I did not perform at the top of my game all year long.

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