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Why some women have rape fantasies, or How Ayn Rand perverted my sense of Romance

Some Alpha females seek to maintain their Alpha status at all costs, while some would prefer to relinquish their titles when they come home and take on a more subservient role in their romantic relationships. I tried to establish in my earlier post about Intellectual Alpha Males¬†that I was of the latter group, but I’m not sure many noticed, or understood.

You see it sometimes in television and movies, especially when they are portraying more counterculture relationships. My first thought would be of an old episode of CSI (the original) where a man’s wife has completely emasculated him by forcing him to take on the Beta role, so he goes to an S&M club (run by Lady Heather) to take on an Alpha role (It’s an old episode, one that still had the actor William Peterson, the one who played/plays Grissom).

the power struggle

Well the same works in reverse. Sometimes¬†people who like to make decisions all day, people who are forced into a more dominant, Alpha role, prefer to just let go and not make a decision for a while. It’s partly what the whole S&M world is based on, I would imagine.

Now don’t go jumping to conclusions; I don’t have a dungeon tucked away in my tiny little apartment, nor do I frequent that scene, but the concept of choosing a partner who could take a more dominant role does greatly intrigue me. And if you’re easily offended, you should leave this post right now; this one isn’t for the faint of heart.

Or the innocent.

the power struggle

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