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Textiquette: there should be a class or something.

In case there was ever any doubt, we are officially in the digital age. People are so connected to their digital devices that we might as well become cyborgs and just get them implanted directly into our brains! Unfortunately, though, I think that Einstein may have been correct about our technology surpassing our humanity, and now we are an age of people who do not understand how to interact with each other. We use texting, email, Facebook chat, Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc., etc. to communicate at each other as opposed to with each other. And the rules of grammar and social etiquette are just gone!

rulesThere need to be rules, people!

And apparently there are. While I wish I could take credit for the word “textiquette,” I found that, sadly, it’s a pretty popular word… even if people don’t seem to know the rules it implies. A Google search for the word came up with around 5,900 results in about 30 seconds.

So, apparently I’m not the only one who’s become frustrated with rude and inconsiderate texters*.

* I should make a note here to explain that the incident that originally inspired this post was based on a misunderstanding and I’m no longer upset about it, but thank you (and you know who you are) for the inspiration!


Texting has become such an important part of communication that some people, myself included, are leery of talking on the phone until they are really comfortable with a person. This leads to a variety of interesting dilemmas, such as problems between friends or hurt feelings between lovers. In honor of my Summer Dating investigation, I thought I’d talk about the different types of texters, the communication problems that can arise when different types of texters clash, and how to work around these problems.


The way I see it, there are about 6 main types of texters. Each comes with their own set of benefits and faults, and sometimes different combinations just do not mesh (Think explosions in the digital world!). Here are the biggest offenders that I’ve seen:


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Marshmallow Madness

When I posted about the Marshmallow challenge, I had promised to post pictures. Now I can post pics from my old students and my new ones! It was a success again! It taught (most) of the students how to work together, and finishing with a writing prompt made it totally worthwhile!

It was a bit rough getting started for some…


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Radio Silence

Seems like it’s been a longish while since I had time to sit in front of my computer and just…exist! 2014 is continuing to try to test me, and while I don’t think I’ve been handling it as well as I should, I think I’m coming out of a bad patch (hopefully) and things will be a bit more smooth sailing.

sorryFirst, I think I owe a good friend an apology. I think I was jumping to conclusions (something I asked him NOT to do) about some things he wasn’t saying, all because of a selfish need that wasn’t being filled. Now that my car is fixed, although not quite in my possession, I am aware of how stressed I was about being trapped at home. I needed certain reassurances that I was too stubborn to ask for, and it caused my already tender feelings to be hurt nearly beyond repair. The subsequent argument(s) have kept me in a bit of a funk that opened some creative doors but shut down the more rational processing portions of my brain; the areas that allow me to make smart decisions and write useful stuff.

Secondly, my job has completely been turned on it’s ear! Any of you who are teachers are aware how difficult our job is, in spite of our hours, “paid” summer vacations, and the malicious thought that only inept people become teachers (remember that old adage: “those who can’t, teach…”). For those of you who AREN’T teachers, I’d be glad to enlighten you in a future post. Today, however, is for venting a little about current work craziness. Suffice it to say that teaching is more difficult than the average American believes it to be.

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Bombs and Mutilated Bombshells

The country life “ain’t” what it used to be…

Today, two things happened in the tiny little Northeast Texas town where I live that I would have told you wasn’t possible. For those of you who know me, you already know that I live in some strange, never-ending episode of the Twilight zone, but today was just a little more bizarre than usual.

For those of you who don’t know me, I lovingly refer to the town in which I work as the Ghetto of Mayberry. (If you’re under 25, ask your parents what that is, or try to catch an episode of the “Andy Griffith Show” on TVLand.) My very first day at the school where I teach, I looked out the window next to my desk while I was completing my lesson plans (keep in mind, every other teacher at that school had left hours before), and I see a young African American male, a student who had already shown himself to be a potential problem, riding what appeared to be his little sister’s bike while holding a rope in one hand. At the other end of the rope, was a horse.

Two other young African American students were rough-housing in the parking lot (I had already stepped out to tell them to cut it out, at which point I was informed they were cousins, and that was how they played), and they stopped when he came up. The older of the two pulled his sagging pants up, turned his baseball cap backwards, and hopped onto this horse. Bareback. Around the boy’s neck was a large, blingy necklace, the kind you see on rappers from the 90’s, and if he hadn’t been on a horse, he would have looked like the stereotypical “thug”. But here he was, on the back of a horse, bareback, and then he went galloping down the road!

It was then that I realized I was no longer, as Dorothy would say, “in Kansas anymore.”

Nearly four years later, I would have told you that nothing could shock me anymore. In a world where people are mugged at stop signs, and the government is searching for terrorists in countries on the other side of the world, I live in a small town where I can leave my door unlocked at night (not that I do terribly often, but I could, mind you), and hip-hop loving boys in sagging britches ride bareback down Main St.

Today, my doors and windows are locked, and my faith in the innocence of children is a bit shaken.

Earlier today, one of my students, a favorite of mine (if I can be permitted to admit having a favorite), who happens to be rather well endowed and pretty, informed me that she got her nipples pierced, and then, without blinking an eye, asked me if I wanted to feel them…

My mouth dropped. I’m not sure what shocked me more: the fact that her mother TOOK her to get them pierced, or the fact that she thought I would want to FEEL her freshly pierced nipples.

Of course, once that cat was out of the bag, other students in the same class began telling me all about their exploits over Spring Break. One got a tattoo. Another got her sternum pierced, and was thinking about an Isabella (I had to Google that one… and it’s NOT polite for mixed company). This was not my little mock Mayberry, ghetto or not.

What’s happened to the youth today that they’ve begun mutilating their body before 18? Don’t misunderstand me: I’m fairly liberal and see nothing wrong with self expression through body “art”, but my mother told me that if IEVER got a tattoo, she would sand it off of my body. I’m about to be in my 30’s, and still have only my ears pierced. One hole in each, and not gauged. And, not a single tattoo. My ex told me once that this made me awfully vanilla.

Now, that alone isn’t enough to completely scare me into locking my doors. After all, rebellious teenagers aren’t anything new, and tattoos/piercings, while strange at such an age, are not a sign of danger.

During my nap (I’m still trying to recuperate from Spring Break), my dog went absolutely bananas! I went to let him out, assuming he needed to go (and when a dog needs to go, it’s best to let him do his thing). He wouldn’t leave his cage, but he was barking furiously! About that moment, I heard a very loud boom. It sounded a bit like gunfire, but infinitely louder. I assumed some of my neighbors were out trying to shoot coyotes, or wild hogs, or any other of a number of large, crop eating animals (I am very deep in the country).

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I found out that the local cops, and state police, had been called because someone was running around with a stock pile of weapons. Furthermore, the bomb squad had been called and the loud boom I heard earlier was them disarming a bomb they had found in his vehicle.

Definitely not in Kansas anymore…

I do believe that it is time to find a new place to call home. I think that the people here have been taken over by the  2012 fever and are preparing for the end of the world. If left to their own devices, some of them may very well be the cause. This is not the first incident of stock-piled weapons I’ve heard of in this area.

Only in Texas…