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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Christmas is so close!!

Good afternoon Weekly Rewind folks! I’m running a little late this weekend, but I’m here to rewind this week for you. For those of you who wished my week this week would be better, thank you for the sentiment, although I’m not sure if it was better.

It was kind of a toss up, with half the week being frustrating and the other half being relatively nice.

Which is an odd thing to say, given that the “nice” part of my week included starting my monthly…

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Weekend Coffee Share: Summer School…

This weekend, if we were sharing our lives over a cup of steamy delicious caffeine, mine would be a salted caramel latte. I haven’t had one of those in a very long time, and I’m kind of fiending for one right about now.

But, I will not actually have one today. I have very serious plans not to leave my house.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Long Days make for Long Weeks!

This week, if we were sharing coffee, we’d  be curled up in our jammies on my (temporary) roommate’s big, comfy leather couch because I have big plans not to even get into the shower until later tonight. I’d tell you that I was exhausted from the work I’ve done this week, and that I’m loving my job in spite of the long hours, and the redundancy, and the incessant talking of the students, and the tons of papers to grade, and the tons of changes being made to the schedule… all the time!

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Weekend Coffee Share: I’m Not Worried

This week, if we were chitchatting over warm caffeinated beverages, I’d tell you that I think I’m about to have the best school year of my teaching life!

Yes, it’s true that this school year has begun even more dramatically than last year. The school is requiring us to do double the paperwork of last year. Perhaps even triple! Enough so that it’s been difficult to even grade papers for all the beginning of year (BOY) assignments. Progress report grades are due on Monday, I’m only halfway done with them, and I’m not worried.

Note, I didn’t even say “yet.”

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Just checking in…

So you just missed #JustAddTea. It was a good one.

I know I’m doing this a little backwards, but I didn’t have time to post before. I didn’t leave the school until 7:45… Only giving me 15 minutes to race to my diner for #JustAddTea on Twitter tonight.

I guess it’s safe to say I’m not quite back on schedule yet.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Inservice.

If we were talking over coffee today, my eyes would probably be red and bloodshot from crying…

This is the last Sunday before Inservice begins. If you’re looking at that word and not sure what it means, you must not be a teacher. Or it’s an outdated word and I’m aging myself. Whatever. The point is, my summer is officially over after today.

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What it means to be a teacher

I’ve mentioned a couple times now that most people don’t really understand what it means to be a teacher. They think our day gets done by 4 and we get paid vacations. According to most people, we don’t earn what pay we get, and should not be paid for our summers (which we actually aren’t, but I’ll explain in more detail later).

  •  Schools out teacherA friend recently told me how much I “suck” because my day “ends before 4”. Sure. The paid portion of my day ends before 4 pm. 3:35, to be exact. But that doesn’t include the weekends I spend decorating my room so that my students feel safe, welcomed, and encouraged in my classroom. Or the hours spent grading papers in IHOP (well, a coffee shop of some sort where they stay open late and won’t kick me out while I work) into the wee hours of the morning. I’ve seen the sun rise from inside an IHOP more times than most of the clubhoppers I know. Or the hours spent scouring the internet for a relevant and interesting expository article that I can use in my lesson plans… I could continue, but then this post would never finish! Continue reading “What it means to be a teacher”