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Are you in Flow?

In a lot of ways, real life is like a story. You can have a Meet Cute in real life, or find some foreshadowing to a plot twist or two… if you know where to look, that is. You might even get your happily ever after.

And that’s the goal, isn’t it? To achieve some goal and enter into a state of happily ever after?

But how do you get there? And is there ever really a “happily ever after?”

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The Purpose of Our Purpose.

I don’t often go too deep into the spiritual side of things on here. Sure, I’ll mention that I’m more spiritual than religious, and I have probably more often than once mentioned how I felt like I’d stepped off my path and was looking for a “sign” to help me get back onto it, but only once have I gone seriously into my religious/spiritual beliefs.

Today I want to revisit some of the things I spoke about in the post about Predestination

Predestination-CoverFirst of all, that post was inspired by the movie Predestination and I still whole-heartedly believe that if you haven’t seen that movie, you really should! It is the biggest mind-fuck movie I’ve ever seen, plus it pretty much proves (at least in the case of one character) that some things are predestined to happen. It is a Science Fiction movie, but it has a very interesting love story, and (minus the jumping through time bit) feels like it could be a slice-of-life movie in spots, as one character gives us his really bizarre life story about growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.

Basically I’m trying to tell you that I think even people who aren’t fans of Science Fiction could enjoy this one… Then again, I’ve been wrong on that particular topic before.

For me, this movie is most important because it makes me wonder about my own purpose. Continue reading The Purpose of Our Purpose.