Warning Signs Unnoticed

I was sharing some of my childhood memories with the New Boy on Tuesday… after a day of dealing with stressful things, including my post about whether or not I thought he was interested in me as a person or not…

We’d been talking about movies and things, and I told him that Dumbo had been my favorite movie growing up. Told him about the blog post I’d written about it and the Jungle Book some longish time ago, too.  One of the things that stuck out to me was that I remembered my mother telling me how fixated I was with the story of Dumbo. I suppose it wouldn’t have been that weird, but the memory struck me as odd given that there are some pretty terrifying scenes in that movie.

Pink Elephants on Parade immediately comes to mind… Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom

I don’t feel particularly wise this Wednesday. I’m feeling my stress particularly hard today. I shouldn’t be, but I am. It’s definitely a day for tea, so as soon as I can, I’m going to brew me a nice cuppa.

In a lot of ways, that’s what this blog was originally for: releasing my stress, metaphorically (and often literally) over a cup of tea. I wanted to discuss the situations where tea was a boon to my day, saving me from my own stress and worry.

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Too many things going on!

It always amazes me how Tinder goes from one extreme to the next. For about a week, I was matching left and right. Granted, only 2 guys made the cut for me to meet, and only 1 got my number, but it’s always a nice boost to my ego when, however brief it may be, the Tinderfellas decide I’m a hot commodity for a bit.

But now, it’s dead silent once again. Oh well.

I had originally decided I was going to post today about the possibility of being too old for a Summer fling, and share my slightly meandering thoughts on the matter. I may come back to it, but the gist of it is this: I would probably settle for a fling, but it is oh so NOT what I want right now, or ever again, to be honest.

While, yes, Tinder has a reputation for being only for sex, I have met plenty of people (or at least seen plenty of profiles) that say they aren’t looking for a just for fun, no strings attached sort of situation, but rather that they want something with some substance to it. Some of them are flat out lying because they are good at hawking the fantasy. Continue reading

A Moment to Blow Off Steam.

Things have been strange in my world the last few weeks. Basically the whole month of April has been…off. Today I need a moment to vent about my teacher life as that is the big problem right now.

So, I was out for a bit because my heart/blood pressure started acting up; I’ve mentioned this already in an earlier post. But, apparently some major changes were made while I was out, and no one has felt the need to explain it to me. This means I’ve been doing things very wrong for a little while now, and it means the behavior of the Viking across the hall has become unbearable! Continue reading

Radio Silence

Seems like it’s been a longish while since I had time to sit in front of my computer and just…exist! 2014 is continuing to try to test me, and while I don’t think I’ve been handling it as well as I should, I think I’m coming out of a bad patch (hopefully) and things will be a bit more smooth sailing.

sorryFirst, I think I owe a good friend an apology. I think I was jumping to conclusions (something I asked him NOT to do) about some things he wasn’t saying, all because of a selfish need that wasn’t being filled. Now that my car is fixed, although not quite in my possession, I am aware of how stressed I was about being trapped at home. I needed certain reassurances that I was too stubborn to ask for, and it caused my already tender feelings to be hurt nearly beyond repair. The subsequent argument(s) have kept me in a bit of a funk that opened some creative doors but shut down the more rational processing portions of my brain; the areas that allow me to make smart decisions and write useful stuff.

Secondly, my job has completely been turned on it’s ear! Any of you who are teachers are aware how difficult our job is, in spite of our hours, “paid” summer vacations, and the malicious thought that only inept people become teachers (remember that old adage: “those who can’t, teach…”). For those of you who AREN’T teachers, I’d be glad to enlighten you in a future post. Today, however, is for venting a little about current work craziness. Suffice it to say that teaching is more difficult than the average American believes it to be.

And my job just suddenly became harder. Continue reading