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A Star Wars Film Review (with Spoilers)

About twelve hours ago, I was greasily deep into a large popcorn and watching the infamous Star Wars intro scroll. As the opening song ended, I remember thinking, “I think what they told us here would have been a good movie; I hope this one is as good as that one sounds like it would have been.”

Twelve hours later, I’m not sure it was.

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Movie Review: Solo

As promised, I wanted to write a movie review of the newest Star Wars movie: Solo. Same as with my last book review, this is one that the more I take it apart, the more flaws I see in it, and partially that is because I’ve been considering some things others have said. Generally, those “others” are more hardcore Star Wars fans than I.

Let’s be honest: as much as I love Star Wars, I was a Trekkie first, and you know how that love/hate relationship between the two fandoms goes. It’s my love for the Hero’s Journey that introduced me to the greatness of Star Wars, and while there are the basic elements of the Hero monomyth in this one, that’s not really what it was designed to be.

As such, I think hardcore fans will appreciate the subtle nods and Easter Eggs throughout, while people new to the franchise will like it if they are there for the action more than for the storyline. As far as a story that sets up who Han Solo will become by the time the original Star Wars IV: A New Hope begins, it fulfills its purpose. Meaning that Solo’s character arc is the most (and almost the only) one developed.

However, as someone on Twitter pointed out, the storyline by itself is kind of rubbish.

But the action is good, in my opinion, and even had me wringing my hands, twitching at the edge of my seat in suspense a couple of times.

The great thing about knowing the future of the main character is that I know the fates of several of the side characters won’t end well, or at best, they will fade off into some unknown part of the galaxy never to be seen again, and thus the chance of their demise is very real!

Before I get into Spoiler territory, let me go ahead and give it a rating. For those of you new to #JustAddTea, a lot of what we discuss here is directly related to relationships, so when I rate a movie, some of the rating is dependent on whether or not this is a good date movie. As in: can I have a conversation with my date about this movie? Or does this movie allow for snuggles?

So, can two people have a discussion about this movie? Yes! Especially if one’s date is a Star Wars fan. The Easter Eggs are plentiful and it ties in nicely in several spots with what will happen later in the story. Also, the aforementioned suspense of the fate of the side characters leads potentially to those protective snuggles that are so nice when watching something suspenseful.

I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 for enjoyment and as a date movie. But it’s not going up for any Oscars anytime soon… unless it’s for some technical award.

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Star Wars, worth it or not?

Emphatically, worth it!

There are lots of really great things happening cinematically and thematically in this film that make it worth the watch. Like the really great use of negative space and the symbolic way the light is consumed by the dark in the opening scene… Or the great interactions with the characters, and the way it allows for romance and friendships but stays true to the Hero’s Journey as explained by Joseph Campbell in his books… Or the beauty of the landscapes…

But we’ll go in depth on all (or at least some) of those in a minute. I want to give those of you who haven’t seen the film a chance to back out now.

I managed to see it spoiler free. I almost caved earlier today and looked at a post that had fun facts about Easter Eggs to be seen in the new Star Wars Episode VII

But I am so glad that I did not! I think the experience would have been diminished by the knowing beforehand what mysteries were to be revealed.

So, if you haven’t seen it, this is your opportunity to walk away from this post before we get into the really big spoilers. If you want a better review, that’s spoiler free, check this one out over at Geekritique. He’s my go to for news on all things geeky.

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