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Super Bowls and Soap Boxes

First of all, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so if I’m wrong in my assessment, I will not be offended if you decide to correct me. Here’s what I know: 1) Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce did the halftime show; 2) Beyonce released a new song only a few days before the Super Bowl and then performed the new song at the Super Bowl; 3) Beyonce’s backup dancers wore berets reminiscent of the Black Panthers, a relatively militant civil rights group of the 1960’s; 4) Bruno Mars’ backup dancers/singers were dressed more like old school hip hop artists; 5) Coldplay had orchestral and marching band support wearing all the vibrant colors of the rainbow and with a message of love; 6) the whole show is being touted as some sort of new age Civil Rights love fest supporting both the LGBTQ “agenda” and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Number 6 is obviously opinion, but it seems to be the popular opinion, so I’m going to include it as part of my list of facts I know about the half time show.

On the surface, there can be no complaints about the halftime show, given what we know. How can anyone find fault in support LGBTQ rights, or honoring different periods of black history during Black History month while making a positive statement about the Black Lives Matter movement?

We’ll get to that in a moment. Take a few minutes to take a look at the half time show: Continue reading Super Bowls and Soap Boxes