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Weekend Coffee Share: Hold my Beer

#Update: When I wrote this, I hadn’t seen the latest news about the flooding. Hurricane Harvey, or Tropical Storm Harvey, has done quite a bit more damage than I thought, and my school has been canceled until September 5th due to the damage there. So, I am very glad I left when I did! And also, I’m sorry if my tone was flippant in this post.

This week’s coffee share title is something I wish I could take credit for, but it’s actually something I’ve seen floating around Facebook because of Hurricane Harvey, which actually, I’m thinking (at least for my part of the world) is thankfully turning out to be a bit of a let down.

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Sleep beckons (Original poem)

Sleep beckons to me
with candied whispers
of dreams so sweet,
Not of sugarplums or fairies
or kisses under the mistletoe,
Not in this Texan
near May heat.

Instead he tempts me
with visions of love,
loyal and true,
Not like the charlatans of old
hawking their fairytales and snake oils,
But something special,
sweet, and new.

Tired though I may feel,
Still a dream I know
it has to be,
For men no longer wish for love,
preferring luscious and swaying hips
To intellect and

And yet he beckons.
His gentle touch soothes
my weary mind,
Removing more than just my clothes,
Sleep delivers me of all my doubt
So I may leave the
day behind.