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The Ritual (An original short story)

I mentioned in yesterday’s Lughnasadh post that I’d been writing again. Specifically that I’d written based off of a #MissMuseMe prompt. Here is the short story that came from it, along with the picture that inspired it. I began it on Monday, and just finished it a few moments ago. It is an erotic story, though probably only a hard PG-13… consider yourself warned. 

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The Power of Lovers (Original Poem)

My thoughts become wrapped up in the very idea of you,
hypnotized by the memory of being enveloped in your arms,
of being held tightly
while teased into a fervor of passion
with the gentlest of caresses along the tops of my breasts.
Your fingers pull and flick at my nipples,
as you simultaneously
pull a moan from my lips.
When you suck and nip at my ear,
the warmth of your breath drives me even further
into a frenzy
until I am at risk of losing myself completely
in your scent
as it surrounds and sticks to my naked flesh
pressed so closely to your own nude body.
Limbs intertwined,
hands roaming,
hips moving of their own accord
to that most ancient of rhythms
known to all lovers who’ve given themselves
freely one to the other.

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If only I could be so lucky…

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an amazing love affair like Allie’s. I didn’t even date in high school. I got stood up for Junior Prom and tried to talk my best guy friend into going with me senior year to avoid that same embarrassment, and he refused because he wasn’t going as protest or some such nonsense.

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Well Look Who It Is!

Perhaps I should be more specific when I say things like “I wish one of my exes would come back…

The Artist came back.

It was a small attempt at communication. He asked how I was, I responded. I even offered an olive branch telling him what I was doing this weekend, if he cared to join me. He responded with “we’ll see.”

Not a particularly optimistic response, but not a “no.” Not a direct no, anyway. Given his track record, I knew it meant no. If you remember, the Artist is not known for his follow through.

I don’t understand why guys think a vague implied no is better than a direct response. Both are going to hurt a girl’s feelings (no one likes to be rejected), but a direct no allows us to move on. Continue reading “Well Look Who It Is!”

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Gearing up for the Summer Fling

There’s just something about summer that makes people a little bit crazy. You know what I’m talking about; the Girls Gone Wild, drink heavily, and love freely madness that comes from the summer months. Clothes cover less, and people spend most of their time in little more than underwear (or less… have you seen some bikinis lately?). Hormones seem to go wild, and then comes the Summer Fling.

(Past this point are bikini photos… Considered yourself warned!)





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Dating: How do you do it?

In this day and age, where information is literally at our fingertips and the story of a person’s entire life can be stored virtually and accessed in milliseconds, how does dating even happen? How do you meet someone and how do you determine their worthiness as a potential mate? Is it cheating to look them up online? Is Cyberstalking acceptable? What is the deal with “sexting”?

how do you date?

And how fast do you move into the various stages of dating?

Better question: are there stages of dating anymore? Continue reading “Dating: How do you do it?”

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T-t-t-touch Me.

If you want to really talk to me, you have to touch me.

Touch is more than just the physical act of coming into contact with something (or in this case someone). Touch is primal. Touch is a way to give comfort, show emotion, provide support, heal emotional wounds, and so much more. Touch is a language all it’s own, and while a picture may say a thousand words, touch can express a thousand sentiments.

I was reading the article linked above, The Power of Touch by Lee Woodruff, when I realized that was what was missing from this newfound, happier Liz. During my…sabbatical… I’ve somewhat isolated myself from the outside world while I figured out my inside self. Many days, my only source of physical contact is with my dog, and while Pepper is very loving in his little doggy way, it’s not the same as human contact from friends or lovers.


In relationships, the withholding of physical interaction can be killer. It is one of the reasons I’ve always found it disturbing when, particularly in movies, women withhold their physical affection from their significant others. Women have been portrayed as these manipulative creatures who don’t engage in certain, intimate physical encounters, most often sex, to get what they want. Having recently been on the other side of that (although I’m still unsure what the desired outcome was), it’s not a fun experience.

Traditionally, women are the ones who need physical intimacy such as cuddling, hugging, hand-holding, back rubs, and the like in order to feel closer to their mate. Isn’t sex a particularly intimate form of physical contact? Why would anyone withhold that level of connection with another person for personal gain?

hugging peopleIn our society, those little, sweet forms of intimacy (like hand-holding and snuggling) have become synonymous with femininity so that a man who likes to cuddle is seen as a wuss or a pansy (the wussification of feminine traits is a topic for an entirely different post).

But it seems to me that men need that physical contact as much as women. In fact there have been studies that show that touch is important for everyone of all ages. It releases pleasure hormones in the brain helping to create lasting relationships; even friends hug. Continue reading “T-t-t-touch Me.”