Mabon is here!

Which means it’s officially Fall!!

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Weekend Coffee Share: The trouble with boys…

This weekend, if we were talking over our frappuccinos (it’s still too hot in Texas for hot coffee), I’d tell you that things are up and down all over the place in my little realm of the world! On the upside, I’m still talking to the Gym Guy (I want to think reader Rowena for that nickname). He seems genuinely sweet, and while there are some concerns, I’m still reserving final judgment until we’ve actually met face to face.

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How This Aspie Sees The World (and how it relates to my recent dating debacle)

I wish I could say this was some deep, philosophical rant about the recent events that have been all over the news and my Facebook feed, but it’s not. I’ll probably keep those for another day, but I may touch on them a little bit, because I do think I have an interesting point to make coming from an Aspie perspective, and, as I’m finding out the more I look into things, since my “thing” is literature and stories in general (like the format, and archetypes, not just ANY story…wait… oh, it’s complicated), I have a unique ability to express myself better than some other Aspies I’ve encountered or read about.

It seems that I have a unique ability to look at things from someone else’s point of view, which is inherently not-Aspie-like, but I can do it because basically everyone I meet is a character, and my literary analysis skills help me to identify motives and hard things like sub-text…or at least how it would work in the movies.

It’s how I interact with the world. Everything and everyone is a character or prop in a play or movie that I’m starring in.

Like in the Movie Hero

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What makes you happy?

The smell of sandalwood and rose petals is a favorite of mine. Not because it smells good, which it really does, but because it makes me think of a dear friend of mine who used to draw a bath for me on my bad days, when I thought the world must be ending and I was so overwhelmed but I didn’t understand what was happening. He would add sandalwood oil to the water and sprinkle fresh rose petals on the top, while surrounding the tub with candles and playing Enya or Enigma on the cd player.

To this day the smell of sandalwood can calm me like nothing else.

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If only I could be so lucky…

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an amazing love affair like Allie’s. I didn’t even date in high school. I got stood up for Junior Prom and tried to talk my best guy friend into going with me senior year to avoid that same embarrassment, and he refused because he wasn’t going as protest or some such nonsense.

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What are you worth?

There’s a lot of advice out there that says we shouldn’t need to seek the opinion of others to determine our sense of self-worth. We should be able to find it within ourselves. We should be healthy enough to know that we are worthy, even if the whole world doesn’t see it.

Then again, someone who truly has that view is a psychopath.

Psychopaths lack empathy. They lack the ability to view themselves the way other people view them because other people’s opinions have no value in their world. They don’t need your opinion or your approval, and they’ll do whatever they have to in order to achieve their goals, be it a corporate takeover or serial killing, with no remorse.

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