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Weekend Coffee Share: Too Much Drama!

This weekend, if we were talking over coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve moved again. Into a temporary place, but it was out of necessity.

The other day I shared a little snippet of what’s been going on in the house in which I was staying. Mostly I shared about the rudeness of the daughter and the lack of gas meaning no hot water and no cooking, etc. It’s been an ever increasingly bad situation since they went on their trip to Florida, which is when I realized that they were neglecting both the dog and the cat, in ways which could be only described as abuse of a pet.  Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Too Much Drama!

Weekend Coffee Share: Old Times, Hard Times

This week, if we were talking over coffee, I’d tell you that nostalgia has been a major theme in my life of late. Well… if I’m honest, I’ve been going through a great deal of retrospection since the Pirate and I parted ways. Not out of any regret for the way things ended with the Pirate (though it isn’t the way I would have wanted it), but because I was blinded by exactly how many similarities there were with that situation and some of the ones from the past.

Most notably the Boy, but, as we’ve already discussed, it’s the differences in that situation that made the biggest difference to me.

I also feel that I’ve made progress as a human being simply because I was able to walk away with half the self-conflict than I felt during the situation with the Boy.

I suppose it’s that progress, along with the other personal struggles going on right now that have me feeling so nostalgic.

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The Whirlwind continues…

So it’s been about 10 days since my last post, and there’s a pretty obvious reason for my absence: I finally got to start on the new job!! I wasn’t even allowed in the building until HR had completed my paperwork, which meant that I couldn’t be on campus until I finally signed my papers around 2:30 pm on Thursday of last week.

On the plus side, that meant that I missed all the terribly boring inservice meetings that they make teachers go through, and this year there were 2 full weeks of them!

On the down side, I missed almost 2 full weeks of meetings and therefor almost 2 full weeks of work! They altered my contract accordingly… meaning that my contract is worth around $2K less than it should be.

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