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The Ritual (An original short story)

I mentioned in yesterday’s Lughnasadh post that I’d been writing again. Specifically that I’d written based off of a #MissMuseMe prompt. Here is the short story that came from it, along with the picture that inspired it. I began it on Monday, and just finished it a few moments ago. It is an erotic story, though probably only a hard PG-13… consider yourself warned. 

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The Timelessness of the Cinderella Story

Cinderella romance stories have been popular for centuries, and they show no signs of dying out. Why do writers feel compelled to put their own spin on a tale that has been around for hundreds of years? Why do readers keep responding to these rags to riches books and movies? Members of the Glass Slipper Sisters share their thoughts on the subject below. The Glass Slipper Sisters is a group of fifteen authors of Cinderella-themed romance novels covering subgenres from chick lit and sweet romance, to steamy romance and fantasy.  Readers are invited to download the Cinderella Treasure Trove, their free collection of excerpts, recipes, and party tips, as well as to interact with the Sisters on their Facebook group.  Continue reading “The Timelessness of the Cinderella Story”

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My Author Site

I’ve been chasing this dream for a longish while, and I think I’m finally about to catch up to it!

Last NaNoWriMo, I started on a novel idea that I’ve actually wanted to complete. It’s a story with sirens/harpies (still going with the idea that they’re the same thing), gorgons, dragons, and regular everyday people. There’s a murder mystery, and a lot of seduction and even a little angry sex. Continue reading “My Author Site”

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Interview with July Cumming

1) What makes erotica different from Romance?

Romance almost always has a happy ending. If it doesn’t, it should at the least, have a happy for now feeling by the time it ends. Romance stirs up the reader’s emotions, whereas erotica will stir up that as well as other things. There doesn’t have to be sex scenes in romance. It can be nonexistent, implied or it can get hot and heavy, but it isn’t necessary to move the plot forward.

Erotica, on the other hand, must have sex scenes in order to make it an erotica story. A well-written erotica will have character development and a plot, not just vivid sex scenes. Erotica should be arousing for the reader. It should make you tingle in all the right places and romance should give you that tingle in your heart.

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Romance heroines enjoy sexual freedom like never before. Do they?

Romance is in my veins. I started devouring Harlequin novels in Brazil when I was thirteen, and at the age of eighteen I was translating them. Then, years later, I parted my ways with romance to dedicate my reading time exclusively to “serious” literature.

When I decided to write my first novel, though, there was no question it would be romance. While working on RED: A Love Story, I reconnected with the genre and read a number of erotic novels for reference. I was surprised at how things had changed since I last held a steamy book in my hands: now things were bold, kinky, edgy. Hot hot hot!  Continue reading “Romance heroines enjoy sexual freedom like never before. Do they?”

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Historically accurate fantasies.

Thanks again to R. Harrison for giving us some insight into his writing process! Writing historical fiction (especially historical romance!) is a gift, one that obviously requires a great deal of research that I, personally, don’t think I’d have the patience for.

Well, maybe if it was set in ancient Greece.

One of the pluses of being an Aspie is having great focus on things that interest me. I have always had a fascination with ancient cultures, particularly since I was about 12 and had a recurring dream that I was born on the island of Atlantis shortly before it sank. Continue reading “Historically accurate fantasies.”

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In Times Past.

Historical fiction and historical romance bring their own set of problems for an author. As an author I’m the only and supreme authority on my science-fiction world so what I say goes. If I’m writing in the current day, then my knowledge of idioms and manners is as good as anyone’s. Except I might have to research a sub-culture, but I can usually find someone who is a member of it to check that I’ve got it right. I might, of course, have to be a little careful about approaching the local chapter of the Hell’s angels for my motorcycle gang book, but that’s a minor distraction. Continue reading “In Times Past.”