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Don’t Apologize for Wanting Respect!

I’ve had some time to think over this holiday break, and I’ve come to several conclusions: yes, there is drama in my life, and yes, I am complicated because my brain doesn’t work like most other people’s brains do, and yes, I do try too hard in my interactions with the opposite sex, but in spite of all of that, I’ve learned that some of my man issues stem from me expecting to be respected and treated like an equal.

I know! Imagine a woman expecting to be viewed as an equal to her romantic partner in 2016 (almost 2017)! I should be ashamed of myself for not being prepared to please my man with a sandwich whenever he asks for it.

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New Terms for the New Year

My experiences on Tinder have shown me that the dating game is decidedly different than what my mother tried to prepare me for when I was younger!

As I’ve stated before, I am really just getting into the dating game. I don’t think I ever really understood how it was supposed to work when I was younger, and now that I’m really ready to settle down, I have to relearn all the rules to find a forever lover. And those rules are forever changing! The terms are different, and the rules about what is or is not taboo are very different.

Obviously, I am not a conservative girl. Just because I haven’t been a big dater until recently doesn’t mean that I don’t have stories to tell… Seriously, one of these days I’m going to put down in print some of the stories of my adventures in Kansas City one summer…  Continue reading New Terms for the New Year

JWC Day 11: Strong Feelings

Seems I flip-flopped yesterday’s post with today’s. Today was supposed to be the “what if” post, but since I’ve already done that…

Let’s talk about something I feel strongly about.

I feel like I always end up doing this anyway, and proving my point requires me to revisit old issues which some see as me dwelling or harping on things that are over and done with. So, I think the way I’m going to handle this is to just give you some links to posts where I’ve already discussed things that I feel strongly about. That means this post *should* be really short.

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