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Space: The Struggle is Real

In my head, I hear the beginning of a Star Trek episode…

“These are the voyages of a high school teacher, her nearly constant struggle: to explore the dating world, to seek out true love from an upstanding man, to boldly feel what she has yet to feel before….”

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Weekend Coffee Share: An apology is due.

Well, I managed to do it: I screwed up and big time.

If we were sharing our lives over coffee this weekend, let’s make mine Irish.

Because I could use the drink.

I’m still in my jammies. Having done prom last night, and waking up to a not-so-pleasant discussion, I’ve decided today is a day when I’m not going to leave the house. I’ll get to all that in a bit, but first I need to address a few things first. They’re related, so I suppose that helps, but let’s start with the big one:

I owe the Boy an apology.

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Mistakes will be made

One of the things I’m always battling in my social life is whether or not to trust my instincts. Sometimes Usually they are right on. We just recently discussed this very thing. My main exception to that is and probably always will be the Boy… although the verdict is out whether or not I’m actually wrong where he’s concerned.

My problem with him has always been the contradiction. He doesn’t show me that he wants me around, because we don’t spend that much time together. The time we do spend together, I have to ask, or suggest, or sometimes even beg… And yet, when I try to walk away, he comes after me.

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Insert foot…

Contrary to the above photo, I’m not referring to a foot fetish. That’s one fetish that makes me shiver in not so pleasant ways… although the brief texting encounter with the guy with the foot fetish was rather interesting.

I’m referring however to the dreaded foot in mouth disease!


Have I ever mentioned that I have a temper? Apparently sometimes I make stupid decisions while I’m angry and put things in print that aren’t exactly correct. For instance, yesterday’s post… Yeah, I was disappointed, but sometimes I jump to extremes.

Yes, I was disappointed by the turn of events. And no, it wasn’t because I was at the stage that the new guy presumed I was. No, I wasn’t sure if this was leading to a long term thing. But yes, I did like to think that it could eventually. In fact I can see that path fairly clearly, just as I can see the path where it crashes and burns in a blaze of anger and dramatics, but that’s kind of beside the point.

Sometimes in the attempt to keep things interesting on here, I tend to… not embellish exactly, but perhaps dramatize it a bit. (Splitting hairs, I know…)


I have a feeling it was part of the reason things went so very wrong with the Boy (since he later admitted that his friend who told him I wanted more was the same friend who had been reading my blog). In an attempt to keep things lively and entertaining on here, while I was writing my thoughts and feelings about where things were headed, I would sometimes discuss it as a full-fledged relationship.

I’ve sort of been doing the same thing again, but I wasn’t worried about it until after yesterday’s discussion with the new guy.

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