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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Make a Choice.

(This was supposed to post yesterday, so just pretend you’re reading it on Sunday)

Good afternoon Rewinders! I have to admit I’m in a fairly wonderful mood! While on the one hand, it seems imminent that I’m going to be forced to do things that aren’t what’s best because Some don’t see the value in my way, on the other (the one that is more important), I’m being constantly reaffirmed for my gifts. My success lately is in being able to identify that those positive affirmations of my talents are more important, and more true than the criticisms in my methods.

And that’s where today’s title comes in: Make a choice…

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Welcome to 2016!

I broke protocol and instead of doing my recap of the previous year, I wanted to finish up some business that was lingering from 2015.

Having completely deleted the Boy from my life (I know I say that and then he comes back, but I don’t see that happening this time), and writing him a final email for closure (which was probably not necessary for him, but was very necessary for me), I can now enter into 2016 with a fresh new outlook.

So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

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April 2015 Recap

I usually try to do these on the first of the month, but with the STAAR test and the other various dramas at work I haven’t been able to really take a moment to do much reflection. Since we’re on a new test schedule to finish out the STAAR test for the other subjects, I have found myself in an oddly empty space of time for the next hour or so, and thus I can do my monthly review.

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