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Why do we divide ourselves? (part 2)

So a short while ago I started talking about how we separate (or divide, to stick to the title) ourselves into categories and judge each other based on those categories. I had wanted to talk about more serious stuff, but ended up using the whole post to rehash how some of the most recent men in my dating life have stopped seeing me as human, and how it was due to their racial make-up.

No, the irony of me talking about how we shouldn’t categorize people and then me doing that exact thing is not lost on me.

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When Has Something Outlived its Usefulness?

It’s a good question. How can you tell when something has outlived its usefulness?

This could easily be a post about some of my most recent dating disasters. The Pirate immediately comes to mind, since obviously I wasted way more time on that non-relationship than was necessary. Interesting, since I didn’t mourn the end of things with the Bartender or question it nearly as long as that, even though I was much more invested in him.

But today isn’t a post about relationships. It’s about words.

Phrases actually.

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I am Tribeless (Original Poem)

I want to explain this one first, because it needs a little explanation. If you are new to this blog, you may not know that I am adopted. Though of Native American descent, my adoptive status leaves me with no official tribal affiliation. As such, since my grandmother worked with multiple tribal peoples in her time, she has amassed quite the collection from multiple tribes as part of my legacy. 

Recently, I got into an argument with a friend who I assume thought I was being racist. it has seemingly ended our friendship. I could not get her to understand that I do not see a need to differentiate by race. Her response to me was that I basically had no right to even speak as I was not the race in question. But you see, very few recognize me as the race I am. I am truly tribeless, raceless, racially ambiguous, exotic. I lack definition and am therefor discriminated against by bigots of ALL races, even my own because I lack paperwork to prove my heritage. 

My intent was to write a poem in honor of Earth Day, and instead, my muse sent me this. It must have still been on my mind.  I hope it makes a difference to someone, perhaps someone like me, who thinks they are alone because they don’t quite fit in.

I am tribeless, and I embrace all tribes, all people, because of it.

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Why is Houston the coolest place in the US?

Ok… maybe not the entire United States, but it is by far the coolest place in Texas. Obviously not by temperature, but in awesomeness. Also obviously this is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. The latest Tinderfella says he wouldn’t move to Houston on a bet because of the humidity.

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Super Bowls and Soap Boxes

First of all, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so if I’m wrong in my assessment, I will not be offended if you decide to correct me. Here’s what I know: 1) Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce did the halftime show; 2) Beyonce released a new song only a few days before the Super Bowl and then performed the new song at the Super Bowl; 3) Beyonce’s backup dancers wore berets reminiscent of the Black Panthers, a relatively militant civil rights group of the 1960’s; 4) Bruno Mars’ backup dancers/singers were dressed more like old school hip hop artists; 5) Coldplay had orchestral and marching band support wearing all the vibrant colors of the rainbow and with a message of love; 6) the whole show is being touted as some sort of new age Civil Rights love fest supporting both the LGBTQ “agenda” and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Number 6 is obviously opinion, but it seems to be the popular opinion, so I’m going to include it as part of my list of facts I know about the half time show.

On the surface, there can be no complaints about the halftime show, given what we know. How can anyone find fault in support LGBTQ rights, or honoring different periods of black history during Black History month while making a positive statement about the Black Lives Matter movement?

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