Weekend Coffee Share: Distractions

This week, if we were gossiping over coffee, we’d probably have done it while getting our nails done. That took close to forever earlier today! I wasn’t going to get them done, but I’d peeled the shellac off from when I’d done them before, right before New Year’s, and it tore my nails up underneath. I was afraid that with them being so vulnerable, they’d break, and I had already cut them shorter than I like… actually I bit them. I don’t do it often, but when one of them breaks, I get some strange satisfaction out of biting the rest to the same length as the broken one.

Anyway, I went to get my nails done even though I can’t really afford to do that at the moment, and ran into my roommate.

Who had already been there for over an hour…

And we were there for close to 2 hours before both of our nails were finally complete…

But the final result looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!

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Weekend Coffee Share: Old Times, Hard Times

This week, if we were talking over coffee, I’d tell you that nostalgia has been a major theme in my life of late. Well… if I’m honest, I’ve been going through a great deal of retrospection since the Pirate and I parted ways. Not out of any regret for the way things ended with the Pirate (though it isn’t the way I would have wanted it), but because I was blinded by exactly how many similarities there were with that situation and some of the ones from the past.

Most notably the Boy, but, as we’ve already discussed, it’s the differences in that situation that made the biggest difference to me.

I also feel that I’ve made progress as a human being simply because I was able to walk away with half the self-conflict than I felt during the situation with the Boy.

I suppose it’s that progress, along with the other personal struggles going on right now that have me feeling so nostalgic.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Starting Over

This weekend, if we were talking over a cup of a coffee (or a glass of iced tea for me… it’s just too hot for coffee), I’d tell you that I feel like I’m starting over completely from scratch in almost every aspect of my life. Starting over in the dating sphere is obvious, since the Pirate situation imploded…  Continue reading


Weekend Coffee Share: School’s Out!

This week, if we were talking over a cuppa, I’d tell you that I am so very, very excited that school is out. And also a little apprehensive.

I’m in a new place (moved exactly a week ago), and it’s alright. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I suddenly feel like I’m part of a new family, complete with a sweet little grandma, who seems very keen that I should learn Spanish, or at least get better at what Spanish I know…

I’m just not sure it’s a family I want to be in.

I mean, it would be a great family to be a part of, I’m just kind of set in my ways already, routine is kind of important for me, and it’s a huge change in my routine! I need to adjust my shower schedule, and go back to some of the ways I did things in college. I’ve already learned that I need to carry my bathroom toiletries into the bathroom and back out again, having gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper (which normally lasts me a whole month) in the one week I’ve been in the house. And all food is communal food, unless I actually take my mom up on her offer to bring me my old dorm fridge… which I might just do.

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Bring your teacups!

I’ve been thinking for a while…admittedly a short while, but it’s been a while nonetheless…about hosting a Twitter Chat.

For those of you who don’t know, a Twitter Chat is basically like an old fashioned chat room, except on Twitter. I’m already involved in several of them, and it’s kind of addicting. I do the #BlogElevated chat on Mondays for advice about blogging. Tuesdays is #TipsyChat, hosted by a really neat blogger over at Tipsywriter.com and covers a variety of things. Then there’s #SpoofChat on Wednesdays, which is kind of crazy, and the #SocialRoadTrip on Sundays.

The #TipsyChat was the first one I got into, and it was purely by accident.

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Why is Houston the coolest place in the US?

Ok… maybe not the entire United States, but it is by far the coolest place in Texas. Obviously not by temperature, but in awesomeness. Also obviously this is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. The latest Tinderfella says he wouldn’t move to Houston on a bet because of the humidity.

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Time to reevaluate.

One of the wisest things ever said about teaching is that it’s the only job where you get a do-over on a regular basis. Tried a lesson and it didn’t work the way you thought it would? If you teach high school, you get multiple chances to get it right. Then you can tweak it again and again every year until you have a lesson that you absolutely love, and that works, and is amazing!

Sometimes it takes many attempts, and it needs to be reevaluated multiple times to determine what’s wrong. Is it the format? Did the students not have enough prior knowledge? Are your references outdated? Why doesn’t it work?

And sometimes, it just doesn’t work; you’ll know not to use it when you teach the same material next semester or next year.

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