The Search Continues…

Or maybe it begins again…

While I have been on Tinder for a while, or, more accurately, back on Tinder, I’ve given up on it and gone completely over to Bumble. The conversations are better, the men are more respectful (and more attractive), and because I have to make the first move, I get to set the pace and topic of the conversation. That’s been nice.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Why I hate dating.

If we were chit-chatting over coffee (or tea) this weekend, we’d be sitting on my roommate’s comfy leather couch having a quick chat after having gone to the movies. We saw The Beguiled earlier today. I have to admit, the angry-at-all-things-male-at-the-moment part of me was particularly excited to see this movie.

I enjoyed it, though it took me a minute to decide I liked it. It’s not at all like the trailer suggests it will be…

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Weekend Coffee Share: Long Days make for Long Weeks!

This week, if we were sharing coffee, we’d  be curled up in our jammies on my (temporary) roommate’s big, comfy leather couch because I have big plans not to even get into the shower until later tonight. I’d tell you that I was exhausted from the work I’ve done this week, and that I’m loving my job in spite of the long hours, and the redundancy, and the incessant talking of the students, and the tons of papers to grade, and the tons of changes being made to the schedule… all the time!

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Digital Whore

It occurs to me that “Digital Whore” would make an awesome erotica story title. If that’s what you came here for, I hate to disappoint, but this is non-fiction.

And sadly without the necessary erotic elements.


In my search for how to write a romance novel, I also began (somewhat unintentionally) doing a search for how to actually find romance, and with the end of yet another relationship, I have found myself somewhat suddenly over-inundated with options. My Tinder cue is filling up very quickly, and I’ve made quite a few more than just friendly acquaintances on Twitter, though all the people of interest have been from out of town. In both situations.

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