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Boy Update.

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post, I’m not even sure if I remember all the steps!! But I have so much to say that we’re gonna give it a go!

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Back on Track (again… maybe)

I managed to miss the weekend coffee share. I feel a little bad about that, but I posted on the Friday before, and now it’s the Monday after and I’m posting again, so you get more, even though I forgot…

With only 2 weeks and some change until teachers have to go back, I’m trying to get back into some sort of routine. Thus far, this summer was well routined during summer school, but then I took about a week to recuperate, which was destroyed with all the guy drama, and then over a week visiting family and friends in my hometown, and I just finished a week or so of binge watching shows and eating horrible food.

And nowhere in there did I write…

So, now we’re going to try really hard to get back on track.

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Take it Back…

So yesterday I was having a bit of an introspective moment due to all the things going on in my world (that is what this blog was designed for, after all), but I think I may have unintentionally given the wrong impression.

See, I was thinking about who I am and how things go with me. I was feeling guilty because I wasn’t where I knew I needed to be, but only because I was not ok. My feelings on what’s going on with my body at the moment are kind of a mess. I don’t know how I feel about suddenly realizing that I’ve been 4 inches too short for a long time.

And is this a thing that is fixable? I know when I do my yoga, I grow an inch or so. Is that because I’m correcting a mistake that I made in how I stand or sit? Do I even want to be that tall?

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Of Twisted Spines and Straight Forward Tales

Since my accident about six weeks ago I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, and with that has come a handful of epiphanies… most of which have not exactly been pleasant.

Like today.

I was on my way to work when my back started to spasm and I didn’t know what to make of it. I haven’t had any issues with my sciatica pain since I’ve been seeing the chiropractor, so I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Then again, I did have a somewhat rigorous time this weekend… There’s a new boy, not a Tinderfella, which gives me some hope, but he has given me a run for my money as he’s in quite a bit better shape than I am.

Though, as today’s epiphany shows, that might not be saying much.

Turns out, I have scoliosis….

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When a Great Date Has No Spark

I am the teensiest bit flabbergasted at the moment. Last night, I spent nearly four hours on a date. I had fun, the conversation was spot on, he was relatively handsome (albeit a bit short), we liked the same things to a point, and we could even talk about work because he’s a fellow teacher and so he understands just how real the struggle really is. I seriously enjoyed myself, and fully intend to go out with him again.

There’s just one problem: there was absolutely no spark, no chemistry, no romantic interest at all.

The guy in question happens to be the teacher across the hall from me, and he asked me to a fundraising event which turned out to really be a date. It’s a teachery date, but it was still a date. The local Chili’s was hosting a fundraising event in which every dollar spent from 11-11 was donated to the senior class’s Prom fund…so long as you brought in a flyer showing that you were helping the school. It was a total publicity stunt for them, but it helps my kiddos, and the short Viking who teaches history across the hall from me used it as a way to get me to a semi-nice restaurant in a skirt after school hours.

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