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Got Myths?

I watched a youtube video the other day about some of the most overdone tropes in fantasy literature. The Youtuber was someone who had been in the publishing industry and then decided to become an author, so she is decidedly more of an authority on the subject of what publishers want than I am.

Having said that, what publishers Want and what people Need isn’t always the same sort of story.

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Day 15: Dream Job

I wish I could say my dream job was a teaching job, but that’s not entirely true. While I think I have a calling for teaching (actually, the more I look at it, I think my calling is in counseling, not teaching), I would really love to be an archaeologist, or a folklorist. I love studying ancient cultures, and luckily for me, it helps me to teach literature!

It also helps me when I counsel people because I can talk about the myths, legends, stories of older cultures to help teenagers know that some of the issues they are going through aren’t exactly new: Continue reading Day 15: Dream Job