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I’m tired of losing…

Late last night I posted about my epiphany and how I think I’d lost some friends because of that Last Guy… Today, I need to write a very short (for me) follow up about it, because it hurts. Because I’m frustrated, and since there are several people who aren’t speaking to me, I have nowhere else to vent it but on here.

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Girls Can Manipulate Too.

The last few days I’ve been writing about manipulative situations. I wrote about Gaslighting, where a person might twist another person’s weaknesses around to make them more vulnerable, and I’ve written about how to help a girl heal after she’s been prey to such a thing for a long time. I’ve been kind of operating on the assumption that it is scumball guys who do this sort of thing to girls. This way of looking at it assumes that women are the weaker sex, and I take personal offense to such an idea.

The alternative means that women can be manipulative as well. I’m pretty sure several guys will tell you that’s true. I know Superman once told me that crying wasn’t playing fair… I wasn’t crying to be manipulative or anything like that, it was just in a general discussion of how a previous lover had not been able to handle it when I cried, while Superman did actually hold me and make me feel better about being sad. It is really disappointing he turned out to be such a wanker. Continue reading “Girls Can Manipulate Too.”