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Needing a little “Rub of the Green”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

I hope you’ve got your green on. I, sadly, do not have any green to wear this year. Or at least, I don’t know where I might have hidden it. Don’t worry, my roommate’s kid has punched me, and we had Corned Beef and Cabbage for lunch. I’m not sure if that’s really a traditional Irish meal, but it was the first time I’ve ever had corned beef before, so that’s something.

Now we’re getting ready to go to a Lord of the Dance show at Miller Outdoor Theater.

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Tonight on #JustAddTea: Superstitions and Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, so in honor of that inauspicious day, we’re going to talk about Superstitions and luck. On the luck scale, I’m feeling about somewhere directly in the middle. I usually feel this way because I think my bad and good always balance out. I consider myself truly neutral. I’d be a grey Jedi or an Anti-Sith, or something… if such a thing existed.  Continue reading “Tonight on #JustAddTea: Superstitions and Friday the 13th”

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And then Bam!!

If things look too good to be true, they usually are. There are things that men don’t understand about women, just as there are easily equally as many things that women don’t understand about men, but we try. This is the prime difference between the sexes:

Women will try to understand men’s mindsets. Men would rather run far, far away.


So it happened. Superman gave me the “we should be friends, but not do this anymore” speech. We went from having an almost perfect date on Sunday, to this on Wednesday…technically it began Tuesday night.

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Personal update

I started the new year hot and heavy with more postings in a week than I have ever done before. It’s been fun, actually writing and knowing that people were paying attention to what I have to say. This week, however, I’ve been a little MIA. Some of you may remember that I have been taking a little break from teaching. I’ve been struggling with my place in the world. I had lost faith in myself.

I lost faith in myself in a lot of areas, but especially in teaching.

Dont-lose-faith-quotesI had lost faith so much, I was thinking about giving up. I was also thinking about teaching from home. I think that is still a big part of the master plan, but for the moment, I just need a real job again. The tutoring has been nice, I like my kiddos, but it’s also been a hassle as I don’t live in the same area anymore, and I haven’t moved my tutoring to my new area… partially because I’m in a smaller area. Continue reading “Personal update”