Not as Planned…

This school year has been more involved than I expected. The result has been that I’ve not been writing. At all. Not on here, not for NaNoWriMo, not even in my new notebook I bought just for writing poetry and things…

Instead, it’s been all lesson plans and grading papers, and making copies, and supporting my kiddos at their games and things.

And occasionally a date here or there.

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When Has Something Outlived its Usefulness?

It’s a good question. How can you tell when something has outlived its usefulness?

This could easily be a post about some of my most recent dating disasters. The Pirate immediately comes to mind, since obviously I wasted way more time on that non-relationship than was necessary. Interesting, since I didn’t mourn the end of things with the Bartender or question it nearly as long as that, even though I was much more invested in him.

But today isn’t a post about relationships. It’s about words.

Phrases actually.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Old Times, Hard Times

This week, if we were talking over coffee, I’d tell you that nostalgia has been a major theme in my life of late. Well… if I’m honest, I’ve been going through a great deal of retrospection since the Pirate and I parted ways. Not out of any regret for the way things ended with the Pirate (though it isn’t the way I would have wanted it), but because I was blinded by exactly how many similarities there were with that situation and some of the ones from the past.

Most notably the Boy, but, as we’ve already discussed, it’s the differences in that situation that made the biggest difference to me.

I also feel that I’ve made progress as a human being simply because I was able to walk away with half the self-conflict than I felt during the situation with the Boy.

I suppose it’s that progress, along with the other personal struggles going on right now that have me feeling so nostalgic.

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The rain’s not the only craziness in Houston…

So, the whole world knows that Texas (especially Houston) has been experiencing Apocalyptic levels of rain this past month or so. Followers of this blog also know that grey, nasty days tend to make me want to curl up in a ball and just sleep. I have that Seasonal Affective Disorder, where the lack of sunlight actually causes me to suffer depression. So all this rain has made my performance in life… less than stellar.

In the middle of that, there’s been the end of the school year, which I feel I handled rather well. I had all my paperwork done on time, and was able to get my classroom cleared and ready to go within 3 hours. I actually left stuff in the cabinets, but only because I was told that I could.

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Weekend Coffee Share: School’s Out!

This week, if we were talking over a cuppa, I’d tell you that I am so very, very excited that school is out. And also a little apprehensive.

I’m in a new place (moved exactly a week ago), and it’s alright. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I suddenly feel like I’m part of a new family, complete with a sweet little grandma, who seems very keen that I should learn Spanish, or at least get better at what Spanish I know…

I’m just not sure it’s a family I want to be in.

I mean, it would be a great family to be a part of, I’m just kind of set in my ways already, routine is kind of important for me, and it’s a huge change in my routine! I need to adjust my shower schedule, and go back to some of the ways I did things in college. I’ve already learned that I need to carry my bathroom toiletries into the bathroom and back out again, having gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper (which normally lasts me a whole month) in the one week I’ve been in the house. And all food is communal food, unless I actually take my mom up on her offer to bring me my old dorm fridge… which I might just do.

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Too many things going on!

It always amazes me how Tinder goes from one extreme to the next. For about a week, I was matching left and right. Granted, only 2 guys made the cut for me to meet, and only 1 got my number, but it’s always a nice boost to my ego when, however brief it may be, the Tinderfellas decide I’m a hot commodity for a bit.

But now, it’s dead silent once again. Oh well.

I had originally decided I was going to post today about the possibility of being too old for a Summer fling, and share my slightly meandering thoughts on the matter. I may come back to it, but the gist of it is this: I would probably settle for a fling, but it is oh so NOT what I want right now, or ever again, to be honest.

While, yes, Tinder has a reputation for being only for sex, I have met plenty of people (or at least seen plenty of profiles) that say they aren’t looking for a just for fun, no strings attached sort of situation, but rather that they want something with some substance to it. Some of them are flat out lying because they are good at hawking the fantasy. Continue reading