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Vicious Cycle

So I’m out again. Out from work, I mean. I feel helpless, and yet part of me knows exactly what is wrong, but none of me knows how to fix it.

Struggled to get to sleep last night, tripling the anti-anxiety medication that is supposed to prevent that exact problem, and then still woke up in a state of absolute panic. I was going to try to go on in to work in spite of that, and then my arm went numb. The left one. And then, because I started to panic about that, I got shaky.  Continue reading “Vicious Cycle”

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To swipe right or not to swipe right…

Well hello there! It’s been a while. A long while. A very long while. Sorry about that. You know how it goes: life gets in the way sometimes.

Here’s the quick update, and then I want to talk about my newest experiment: Tinder! I know, it’s not new to the rest of the world, but I’m mildly optimistic about it so far. I’ve had more matches in the last 24 hours than I have in a few years of being on a couple of other dating sites. And with guys who DON’T just want to hookup, contrary to the popular opinion about Tinder. Continue reading “To swipe right or not to swipe right…”

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Time… What to do with it?

Sometimes I get really focused on certain pieces of my life. It’s one of the things I’ve always struggled with, but never understood why it was so difficult for me and not for other people. When I was younger, in my wild and exploratory college days, I tried to explain it to people: it’s like there are 2 of me, the me that handles the mundane, real world, and the me that deals with spiritual stuff. Most of the time, I feel like my spiritual self gets in the way of my real self.

I don’t manage time well. Or things like money. They aren’t real to me. Time can’t exist because we perceive it differently depending on the situation, or on the people with whom we surround ourselves. It can be fleeting, or it can fly, or it can drag on. It’s completely subjective and therefor must not be real. Continue reading “Time… What to do with it?”

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Whirlwind Days

It’s been nearly a week since my last post, and I’ve started, oh… maybe five other posts that I haven’t finished, or didn’t feel like they were quite right and so I abandoned them. I started those others periodically throughout the last couple of weeks, but, as I said, for one reason or another they didn’t get finished. I had plans to work on them last week…

But life happened. Continue reading “Whirlwind Days”

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Day 15: Dream Job

I wish I could say my dream job was a teaching job, but that’s not entirely true. While I think I have a calling for teaching (actually, the more I look at it, I think my calling is in counseling, not teaching), I would really love to be an archaeologist, or a folklorist. I love studying ancient cultures, and luckily for me, it helps me to teach literature!

It also helps me when I counsel people because I can talk about the myths, legends, stories of older cultures to help teenagers know that some of the issues they are going through aren’t exactly new: Continue reading “Day 15: Dream Job”

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January 2015 Recap

It’s that time again: Time for the first monthly update of 2015. This year has started off with lots of ups and downs (mostly ups), and it has given me hope that 2015 will be as lucky as my dad’s superstitions suggest. I really think it will.

First up, there’s a new look to this blog. I decided before the end of last year that I was going to try to focus on just one aspect of my life for this blog: relationships. By focusing on relationships, I can both vent when things get a little iffy in my own relationships, but I can also perhaps utilize my innate skills to offer dating advice to those who follow along. If I ever make it through that Graduate program I talked about for last year’s #GetGutsy challenge, I might actually have a Psych degree and the expertise to make this blog into something really useful.

Get Gutsy Ebook Contributor BadgeSpeaking of the #GetGutsy competition, I entered again this year. Didn’t win again, but the contest definitely brought a lot of traffic to this site, and it was quite cathartic for me to discuss some of my problems from the previous year with a goal in mind instead of just kvetching . My entry this year focused on my job troubles from last year and how they have inspired me in a way which has renewed my love for what I do.  Continue reading “January 2015 Recap”