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Inside Out: More than just Herman’s Head for kids

Years ago (over 20 years, in fact), Fox did a little show called Herman’s Head which personified the four primary emotions that ran a man as perceived in the early 1990s: Lust, Intellect, Anxiety, and Sensitivity. When I first started seeing trailers for the new Pixar film, Inside Out, I was more than a little convinced that it would be the same basic thing, but from the inside of a tween-aged person.

I was pleased to say I was wrong!

Last night I went to an advanced screening, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

More than just a reinvention of an old show for a new audience (seriously Transformers was just an old cartoon all grown up… and they ruined it, buh-bye to all those childhood memories), Inside Out actually took the concept and made it better! It wasn’t just a handful of emotions running the show. There was a whole production outside of “headquarters” with towns and trains and all the major components of the brain, and the brain’s development.

And of course there were the emotions, too.

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