Weekend Coffee Share: Easter blessings

This weekend, if we were sharing stories over coffee, mine would be a salted caramel latte at a place I haven’t been to in a while. I’d like to go back, and maybe I can talk the Boy into taking me, since we’ll be spending a bit of time together this weekend. I miss that salted caramel latte, and the food is yummy, too.

Actually, the time with the Boy this weekend is the biggest bit of news. We’re going to an event where we’ll be meeting our friends! So, for those who were concerned about him not having “claimed” me yet, it’s happening in person instead of just over Skype ( when I’d had an issue with thinking he’d kept me a secret, he offered to Skype with his friends to prove that he’d told them about me to ease my doubt).

There’s even a possibility that some of our mutual friends will be there, and he hasn’t balked yet, so that’s proof enough for me.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Sleepover

This weekend, if we were sharing about our lives over coffee, we’d be doing it with wine instead, while watching the Oscars. My weekend was a bit out of sorts, but in a mostly good way. Friday evening I got back into a weekly tradition with some of the girls from work that I’ve missed, so I couldn’t write Friday night.

And yesterday was a continuous back and forth of hurry up and wait. I allowed myself to sleep in, took a leisurely bath so I could make my legs good and smooth, then raced to get my nails done, only to have to wait… for 4 hours… until they were done. All so I could be ready for date night with the New Boy.

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And Superman is Back: How He Proved Me Wrong and Gave Me the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

We’ve discussed it before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again: I deal in extremes. I am a dramatic person and I tend to run either really hot or really really cold. There is no in-between.

On Friday (and most of Saturday) I was convinced that I was going to have a repeat of last year, when my Valentine’s Day was cancelled because of a silly, irrelevant fight. I think I’m justified in my misconception: I had come up with what I thought was the best, most laid back Valentine’s date idea ever, and it was rejected without any word on a replacement date. Continue reading