Just surviving this week…

That would be an understatement.

Two mornings in a row, I got up with big plans for the day, only to be thwarted by my body, and then today I was busier than a one-armed paper-hanger!

Monday, I had a heck of a migraine, and while I tried to muscle through, it won for the first half of the day. The second half of the day, I tried to fix my car situation. This put me on the phone for a couple hours dealing with people… not fun when my brain was still aching in spots. But I thought I’d gotten it worked out, so I hopped into the rental (that’s costing me, oh, about $200 a week) and headed in the direction of where the new car should be.

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Take it Back…

So yesterday I was having a bit of an introspective moment due to all the things going on in my world (that is what this blog was designed for, after all), but I think I may have unintentionally given the wrong impression.

See, I was thinking about who I am and how things go with me. I was feeling guilty because I wasn’t where I knew I needed to be, but only because I was not ok. My feelings on what’s going on with my body at the moment are kind of a mess. I don’t know how I feel about suddenly realizing that I’ve been 4 inches too short for a long time.

And is this a thing that is fixable? I know when I do my yoga, I grow an inch or so. Is that because I’m correcting a mistake that I made in how I stand or sit? Do I even want to be that tall?

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Today’s Victory!

I just left the Specialist’s office. I’m not sure what to call her. I thought she was a therapist. Turns out she’s not… She wants to throw medication at me, and well, while that may help in the short run, we know that’s not going to help in the long run… Whatever she is, we had a breakthrough today! She finally heard me!

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Prickly Predicaments

Today I had to do lab work, so I’m just now eating for the first time all day. Fasting. You know how it goes… Meanwhile, I messed up my roommate’s job interview because I screwed up the bathroom schedule by trying to sleep in so I wouldn’t be absolutely starving by the time my appointment came up.

I didn’t know she had a job interview.

I also didn’t know what her bathroom schedule was because I’m usually gone by then…

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Fresh Starts…

So, to go with the new school and the fresh start there, I’ve decided to start fresh in several aspects of my life. For instance, I’m going to try a new weight loss thing. I’m doing WeightWatchers, and over the summer, I lost my 5% weight loss goal. It was slow going, but it happened. Of course, I think it would have been faster, but I hurt my ankle (still swollen by the way).

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JWC Day 7: 10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

Music is a big part of who I am, but it definitely changes depending on the mood or the month… or the hour. The last time I did a blog challenge, I was definitely in a bit more of an optimistic place, where I felt like I had tons of options. Right now, I’m not exactly pessimistic, per se, just not seeing a bunch of options in general. I think my music choices of the moment kind of reflects that. Many of the songs are an attempt to be upbeat, but several of them are upbeat breakup songs. Continue reading

Vanity versus Self-Esteem: How to Help Your Girl Heal

Yesterday’s post for the #30DayChallenge was particularly hard for me. I think it’s hard for some people (myself included) to acknowledge the good things about ourselves.

Once upon a time, it was considered rude to accept a compliment, and some people still feel that way. Try it sometime: the next time someone offers you a compliment, just say “Thank you; I know.” In most cases, you’ll see the other person’s smile twitch or full on contort into a grimace of disgust. That will be followed with some sort of comment about how you think you’re so hot. You’re not supposed to admit that you think highly of yourself! Then the shaming begins. Continue reading