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A New Car!!

I’ve never been one to really put too much stock in the whole “New Year, New You” movement. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I believe whole-heartedly in the ideas of renewal and growth and change, but at your core, you are who you are. That’s the reason why expecting partners to change drastically usually ends in heartbreak.

But, and it’s a pretty big but at the moment, it seems that my new year is forcing me to embrace change!

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Progress for 2016

Last post I began to discuss some of the ways I analyze life. I got sidetracked by yet another fight with the Boy, but it may finally be the one that ended all the others.


Because I analyze and see patterns, it is very obvious to me WHY we fight, but it hasn’t been obvious to me how we stop it. If you ask him, I think he’d say that he has no idea why we fight, but to stop it, we both have to forget the past.

Well, we just passed the third Christmas since we’ve known each other, and while that’s not an astronomical amount of time, there’s been a lot of bad that has happened in that time. Sometimes it overshadows the good by a lot, but some of the good was so good that it’s easy to see why we hold on. Or at least why I do.

I still don’t understand why he “keeps showing up,” as he says. He says it’s because I’m important and that I just have to take his word that he means that, but the reason we fight is that while he’s saying that with his mouth, his actions don’t always match.

They never have.

This last fight, I think he finally, FINALLY saw why I keep saying that. Finally!

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