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Tonight on #JustAddTea: The Future!

Last week I had to cancel our weekly Twitter Chat so I could see an advanced screening of the movie Nerve, and while I missed talking to everyone, it was a movie that is definitely worth it. Even though the movie doesn’t come out officially for another week, I saw that there are several places around Houston already showing movie times, so expect my review to post shortly. Like, maybe later today or tomorrow at the latest.

In the meantime though, our virtual tea party is back on for tonight!  Continue reading Tonight on #JustAddTea: The Future!

Day 19: The Future…

Today for my #30DayChallenge post, we’ll be looking at where I expect/want to be 10 years from now. This is another one of those difficult ones for me. I am, as I have said before, a planner, but I also, as I have also said before, believe in fate or destiny. As such, I am aware that any and all plans are subject to massive changes at the slightest hint of a sign that I may be on the wrong path.

Having said that, there are three things I know for certain for my 10 year plan: Continue reading Day 19: The Future…

Yule Tide Blessings.

Today is Yule, the Pagan/Wiccan/Celtic celebration of Midwinter. It is when the day is the shortest, just before the birth of the God in the form of the Sun. It is a time when the food has been stored from the previous harvest celebrations. It is a time to spend with family and count your blessings.

seesignsFor me, this Yule is a turning of the tide. I have symbolically put my crops away, having put out several job applications and creating a cornucopia of possibilities. The job I thought was a definite turned out to be not so definite, but that just means I haven’t been watching the signs as well as I should have.

I’m not sure that’s entirely true. I posted about not giving up for my #GetGutsy entry, and since then, I keep seeing things that reinforce that idea. In my post, I made a point that I wasn’t going to settle for less than what I deserved or wanted. I keep encountering things online about not giving up or settling, especially if you have a creative dream or goal.

One that particularly stands out was a post from someone who wasn’t entered in the #GetGutsy contest saying the same thing, with examples of people who continued even after an epic fail of some sort.

And a video about not giving up that popped up in my Facebook newsfeed that really spoke to me.

The signs were there… I just had to recognize them for what they were.

So what is it that I really want?

Continue reading Yule Tide Blessings.

Next steps.

It has occurred to me that 2014 has been a very tumultuous year for me and some of the other people in my inner circle. I’ve been through a couple of really difficult relationships, and been on a number of first dates. I’ve nearly quit my job. Twice. I’ve spent a goodly amount of time in the hospital or at the doctor’s office. I’ve moved out of my apartment… not entirely by choice. I’ve had more than my fair share of car trouble (the check engine light is on as I type this). The list could probably go on for quite a bit if I really went digging into my memory banks, but I want to focus on the future and how I plan to change this negative pattern.

I have to admit, there’s a large part of me that wants to subscribe to my father’s superstitious nature and just believe that it’s a numerology thing. My dad has this theory about years that have 5’s or 7’s: 7’s are bad years, while 5’s are somehow amazing. He says it’s a Gemini thing. It’s the only astrological/numerological thing he believes in…  at least as far as I know.  By Dad’s logic, 2014 is a 7 year (2+0+1+4=7), so it was destined to be a bad year. And he happens to be right.

NumerologyIt gets a little tricky from time to time. For instance, my parents married in 1975, which has both a 5 and a 7 in it, so it was equally great and horrible… From what I know of their marriage, it seems pretty accurate: When things are good with my folks, they’re really good, but when things are bad, they’re truly awful! Continue reading Next steps.