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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Recognition, finally!

Good afternoon Rewinders! This week has been hectic but in a good way. I’m definitely thankful for my work friends and my kiddos this week. They have (even if they don’t realize it) given me ample validation that teaching is, in fact, my calling and that I am, in fact, relatively good at it.

If we work our way backwards, today (Sunday) has been all about the writing side of things. The Twitter Chat was about distractions, and thus it was also the theme for my weekly #ThinkBIGSundaywithMartha post.

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When a Great Date Has No Spark

I am the teensiest bit flabbergasted at the moment. Last night, I spent nearly four hours on a date. I had fun, the conversation was spot on, he was relatively handsome (albeit a bit short), we liked the same things to a point, and we could even talk about work because he’s a fellow teacher and so he understands just how real the struggle really is. I seriously enjoyed myself, and fully intend to go out with him again.

There’s just one problem: there was absolutely no spark, no chemistry, no romantic interest at all.

The guy in question happens to be the teacher across the hall from me, and he asked me to a fundraising event which turned out to really be a date. It’s a teachery date, but it was still a date. The local Chili’s was hosting a fundraising event in which every dollar spent from 11-11 was donated to the senior class’s Prom fund…so long as you brought in a flyer showing that you were helping the school. It was a total publicity stunt for them, but it helps my kiddos, and the short Viking who teaches history across the hall from me used it as a way to get me to a semi-nice restaurant in a skirt after school hours.

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Time to Try a Bad Boy

A while back (somewhere between the Artist and Superman), I met a guy who caught my fancy but I wasn’t particularly sure about. In case you don’t remember, he was a bartender at a restaurant I would frequent with one of my book club girls, and he has a record. On our first meeting he told me about his kind of thuggish past. He tells all, as a matter of fact, holding absolutely nothing back, which is both a little bit disturbing but also amazingly refreshing.

On the one hand it’s really nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about secrets, or being a secret myself. On the other hand, there are some things I really don’t need to know.  Continue reading “Time to Try a Bad Boy”

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Some of my favorite things!

Tonight is the night before a new school year, so I’ll be keeping this brief. There have been a lot of new things going on in my life lately, and so I wanted to share them with you, especially because one of the new things might actually affect you, my internet friends!

I started a new, separate blog for my teacher stuff: T is for Teacher. The old stuff can still be found here: Tea(ching) with Children, but I thought it was time to separate my work stuff from my more personal (and somewhat NSFW) material. With all the talk of dating, and potentially sexy talk, I didn’t think my teacher stuff should be linked here. 

I also am aware that some people only follow certain aspects of my blog, so now my teacher friends/followers don’t have to sit through days and days of dating diatribe, but can sit back and relax while they read about the shenanigans at my school (or the solutions to said shenanigans). 

So that is the first of my favorite things: freedom to be myself. Now I can talk a little bit more freely about my life, without the concern that it will somehow taint how people view me as a teacher. Those two parts of my “self” are separate now. Well, at least online. 

Another of my favorite things is this new guy in my life. He is, to use an outdated term, kinda dreamy. And I mean that with multiple connotations. He is a dreamer. He makes me dream about the future. He is dreamy in appearance… I could probably go on, but I don’t want to become one of those girls who gush about a guy. Especially since in the past when I’ve done so, it didn’t work out so well…

But I will give you a few of the details, albeit, probably not the more sordid details. 

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The New Best Pickup Line

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog at all (even through the random bouts of emptiness, which I do apologize for), then you know that I have a habit of reopening one closed door in particular, but I think I’ve finally learned to keep it shut, and I’ve seen a door that has opened. And it opened with an amazing pickup line!

Having met at a movie event, this new guy and I have hung out a few times. Never anything formal, or precisely date-like, although on 2 occasions, even though there were supposed to be other people, it ended up being just us. And on the last such occasion, he dropped the world’s best pickup line:

“I’m not going to lie; I was going to try to sleep with you tonight, but now I’m not. You’re someone I can talk to, so I want to do this right and be a gentleman.”

This line works for so very many reasons! 

First of all, it shows confidence. Here’s a guy who doesn’t really know where he stands with me, as we’ve only hung out casually, in a friendly setting, but he was confident enough to think he stood a chance of sleeping with me, and was confident enough to go so far as to say so. And he didn’t hesitate when he said it. Instead he looked me straight in the eyes and said it. That’s a great deal of chutzpah! 

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