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Weekend Coffee Share: Another One Bites the Dust

Today we’re not talking over coffee, but rather over margaritas at a Mexican food restaurant I don’t get to go to as often as I’d like. I’m going to the theatre tonight with a friend, and I had errands to run, but they were done sooner than I expected, so I’m treating myself to some shrimp tacos.

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The First Date

I’m going to try my hand at this whole romance thing… maybe it’s erotica, there are definite elements of both, I believe. Here is a fictionalized version of my first date with the Bartender. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, and things have been embellished in spots, but the essence of it is the same: Some of the conversation is the same, the bit about the drink is the same, and the shapewear bit is definitely true! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading “The First Date”

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Even a great movie couldn’t save this one…

So the Comedian came through with our movie date this weekend. It was totally unplanned, and when he asked I almost turned him down. I was enjoying a relaxing day in my PJ’s, grubbing on junk food and playing Sims. But he’d talked up that new Rocky sequel Creed so much that I actually wanted to see it.

The movie was really good! As someone who only barely knows anything about Rocky, it wasn’t confusing for me at all, and that’s important when trying to bring a fresh face to an old classic. And it successfully managed to incorporate an interesting relationship narrative into what should have been an action (read “Guy”) movie.

Now if only the rest of the date had been as multidimensional as the movie…

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A New Tinder-Fella for this Tinderella.

After the mildly disappointing cancellation of last night’s date, I’m bouncing back pretty quick. While several of my friends were concerned that I’d fallen too hard too fast for Mr. Nice Guy, in reality it had nothing to do with any kind of emotional commitment whatsoever. The man was very good at giving compliments, which was a thing I needed after the crazy, disastrous chaos that was the Boy and the handful of trifling fellas that happened during the 3 year reign he had on my heart, but it wasn’t enough to form a serious bond.

My disappointment and my hurt came from something entirely different, which we’ll get to in a moment. Right now, I want to talk about the new Tinder-fella who stepped up in Mr. Nice Guy’s absence. Continue reading “A New Tinder-Fella for this Tinderella.”

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March 2015 Recap

It’s a little late, but as promised, here’s the monthly recap for the month of March. The month began with me in the early days of a #30DayChallenge for this blog. We reviewed everything from old pictures of me to what my favorite foods were, to my earliest memory, to all sorts of things about me.

It was a month of personal exploration for me. I started it out not only with that challenge, but also looking more closely at the interworkings of my dating and decision making process for said dating, such as reminding myself that I was really worth it, worth more than being second choice. I had had a rough February, if you’ll recall, and I needed to remind myself that I am special.

It was the first step in a long road to emotional recovery for me. I am one of those girls who’s been hurt and needs reassurance. I need reassurance because I, like many women, have been a victim of gaslighting for most of my life. This is a topic that keeps coming up lately. First, because of a discussion with the Boy, and then with the realization that it might be a learned behavior, and I might very well be guilty of it, too, because women can manipulate as well… Although that post was mostly about different types of manipulation that I’ve seen recently effecting the guys in my life, the Boy and I were revisiting the gaslighting discussion recently and I think I have to admit that I might be as guilty of it with him as he has been with me, and neither of us meant it as an intentional thing. Continue reading “March 2015 Recap”

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When a Great Date Has No Spark

I am the teensiest bit flabbergasted at the moment. Last night, I spent nearly four hours on a date. I had fun, the conversation was spot on, he was relatively handsome (albeit a bit short), we liked the same things to a point, and we could even talk about work because he’s a fellow teacher and so he understands just how real the struggle really is. I seriously enjoyed myself, and fully intend to go out with him again.

There’s just one problem: there was absolutely no spark, no chemistry, no romantic interest at all.

The guy in question happens to be the teacher across the hall from me, and he asked me to a fundraising event which turned out to really be a date. It’s a teachery date, but it was still a date. The local Chili’s was hosting a fundraising event in which every dollar spent from 11-11 was donated to the senior class’s Prom fund…so long as you brought in a flyer showing that you were helping the school. It was a total publicity stunt for them, but it helps my kiddos, and the short Viking who teaches history across the hall from me used it as a way to get me to a semi-nice restaurant in a skirt after school hours.

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