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When Has Something Outlived its Usefulness?

It’s a good question. How can you tell when something has outlived its usefulness?

This could easily be a post about some of my most recent dating disasters. The Pirate immediately comes to mind, since obviously I wasted way more time on that non-relationship than was necessary.¬†Interesting, since I didn’t mourn the end of things with the Bartender or question it nearly as long as that, even though I was much more invested in him.

But today isn’t a post about relationships. It’s about words.

Phrases actually.

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Bieber grew up?

I’ve never paid much attention to Justin Bieber, other than to point and giggle when I saw some teenage girl doodle his name on her paper. Never to the girl’s face, of course, but Justin Bieber is not someone I would ever think of as being sexy…

Still don’t, so don’t go thinking this is a post about his hotness or anything like that.¬† Continue reading Bieber grew up?

I support Joss Whedon!

I saw Age of Ultron opening weekend. I loved it. I was in awe of the million different moving parts, character interactions, and just general awesomeness! I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing it a second time before I wrote my review of it because I know I missed some things and I want to give it the attention it deserves.

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