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In Times Past.

Historical fiction and historical romance bring their own set of problems for an author. As an author I’m the only and supreme authority on my science-fiction world so what I say goes. If I’m writing in the current day, then my knowledge of idioms and manners is as good as anyone’s. Except I might have to research a sub-culture, but I can usually find someone who is a member of it to check that I’ve got it right. I might, of course, have to be a little careful about approaching the local chapter of the Hell’s angels for my motorcycle gang book, but that’s a minor distraction. Continue reading In Times Past.

Day 24: Best Physical Features

Again with the bragging? This one at least is easy. When looking at myself for things I like, purely on the outside, anyway, there are two distinct areas that I really like, although, I’m fairly certain they’re not the two that jump to anyone else’s mind.

Because I’m quite top heavy, I get complimented on my chest a lot, but I don’t think my boobs are my best feature. For one thing, due to size alone and the fact that they are all natural, they aren’t as perky as those of my smaller chested friends. Let’s just say I’ve never been one of those girls who could go without a bra. Even my swimsuits have underwires in them.

I also get complimented on my hair a bit. It’s curly and thick, and right now, with the cut I’ve got and the hair products I use, it tends to (all on it’s own) curl itself into perfect Shirley Temple ringlets that bob up just above my shoulders. I like the cut, and I like the bounce, but oh how I would love to be able to just wake up and run a comb through my hair and go like my mother can; she has that perfectly straight hair that requires almost no effort to look perfect. We’d use to go to get our hair done together when I was younger. She’d go for a perm, and me for a relaxer. Within a week, her’s would be straight again, and mine would be wavy, not quite curly. Women are never happy with their hair… Continue reading Day 24: Best Physical Features