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Weekend Coffee Share: Whirlwind Week

Hello Coffee Share Peeps! I’d offer you coffee, but it would be hospital coffee, so I can’t promise it’s any good. I’m keeping my father company this weekend, which has been a big part of this week in general. His room has a nice big window, and while the view isn’t great, it doesn’t feel as dour as most hospital rooms I’ve seen.

He’s napping after a hard day of physical therapy, so I’ve got a minute to chat and catch up on everyone’s week. So come on in, sit down, and let’s chit chat… quietly.

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Weekend Coffee Share: Sudden Shift

This coffee share will not be quite like normal as things (like the title suggests) underwent a very sudden shift this week. So I’ll offer you some coffee or tea to go, but I don’t think we’ll have time to sit and have our normal sort of chat.

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It’s My Life

In a fairly recent post, I wrote that I was ready for 2014, or implied it at the very least, and that things that were “worth it” are always a bit more difficult in the beginning. Well, 2014 had better be worth it! I thought I was ready. I thought I could handle whatever it sent my way…

Boy was I wrong! Before we get into the particulars of my already horrendous year, let me warn you, I am a Gemini and I was a theatre major. This means that, in spite of all my best efforts to the contrary, I can be, upon occasion, a bit…melodramatic.

My mother was always accusing me of being melodramatic when I was growing up, even when I was just feeling normal “girl” emotions. Seeing as my non-fight with her is part of the horrendous nature of my year, we might as well not dwell on the past, but jump right in. Continue reading It’s My Life