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ICYMI: #JustAddTea talks about Fairy Tales

I’ve had several people express sadness over missing last night’s Twitter Chat about Fairy Tales, so I’m posting the questions here. Feel free to answer them on Twitter (don’t forget the hashtag: #JustAddTea), or in the Comment section below.

We always begin a #JustAddTea Party with introductions, so please introduce yourself and name your fave fairy tale. Continue reading ICYMI: #JustAddTea talks about Fairy Tales

The Huntsman: Go See it!

This was not a movie I had wanted to see… But when a friend of mine messaged me saying he had free advanced screening tickets, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to watch it for free.

And oh am I glad I went to see it! The thing I loved most about this was that it was almost as if the first one didn’t happen. I’ll go in more detail about that, but I am going to do my damnedest to give you a spoiler free review of The Huntsman: Winters War. Continue reading The Huntsman: Go See it!