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Interview with July Cumming

1) What makes erotica different from Romance?

Romance almost always has a happy ending. If it doesn’t, it should at the least, have a happy for now feeling by the time it ends. Romance stirs up the reader’s emotions, whereas erotica will stir up that as well as other things. There doesn’t have to be sex scenes in romance. It can be nonexistent, implied or it can get hot and heavy, but it isn’t necessary to move the plot forward.

Erotica, on the other hand, must have sex scenes in order to make it an erotica story. A well-written erotica will have character development and a plot, not just vivid sex scenes. Erotica should be arousing for the reader. It should make you tingle in all the right places and romance should give you that tingle in your heart.

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Why I Write Erotic and Romantic Fiction

Today I want to go right into another post because August’s reasoning for writing was more interesting than any reflection I might have about Clare’s post yesterday in regards to erotica’s ability to help us escape into fantasy, although she’s right, sometimes sex and fantasy are important for escaping the doldrums of real life. Check out what he has to say about why he writes such things, and then check out August’s blog, complete with links to his novels, here: https://augustmacgregor.wordpress.com/ 

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the power struggle

Why I write what I write.

Guest post: MJ Lewis (erotica/horror author)

This is the first of several guest posts from erotica/romance authors this month. When I asked people to post, I asked them to help me figure out what makes romance/erotica so powerful. Why did they write it? What makes it good? MJ was the first to respond, and I particularly like how he judges whether or not he’s written something good…

As MJ writes erotica (and horror) this will be a post that might be a little more risque than my normal (hence the parental advisory warning), but well worth the read. After you finish reading why he writes what he does, actually go check out what he writes over at Scribblesoflewis.blogspot.co.uk and follow him on Twitter:  @lewismj78

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