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There seem to be two types of people talking about Duck Dynasty right now: Those who love the show and are offended by the indefinite suspension of duckly patriarch Phil Robertson, and those who, frankly, could give a damn about the show but are tired of Christian fundamentalists promoting this hillbilly because of his views on sexuality. I hope you can figure out which category I fall into before you continue reading.

Before we begin to dissect the idiocy involved in the current debate, let me state that I have never seen an episode of Duck Dynasty. I do not watch television, except a handful of dramas, mostly BBC and mostly science fiction. Yes, I am a nerd or geek, whichever category you view to be cooler, and proud of it. I am, however, very aware of how popular the show has become.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m from Texas; we do things a little differently around here. If you’ve been keeping up with me since I started this blogging thing, you know that I used to teach in a town where some children actually came to school on horseback, so when I say I am familiar with the type of people who might appear on Duck Dynasty, or at the very least wish they could appear on Duck Dynasty, you’ll know that I’m not lying to you. I have met those type of people, taught their children, and been to their church. Continue reading #QuitTheNonsense