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Batman V Superman: Better than I expected

Let me preface this with I do not actually read comic books. I don’t know what is canon or what is not. I do not know whether or not they kept anything from the previous  Batman movies or not. I don’t know Wonder Woman’s back story, or if the little snippet of the Flash we see was the same guy from the TV show or not.

For that matter, I’m not exactly a DC fan. Not that I don’t like DC, just that all I know of either Marvel or DC comes from the movies, and frankly, I feel that Marvel does a better job with the movies while DC does better with the television shows. Or at least they did. Marvel is catching up quick, I think. Netflix’s Jessica Jones was spectacular! I binge watched the whole first season in a day!

My interest in these movies is based on character arcs and story lines in the film, and whether or not it is a film that lends itself well to a post date movie discussion. Not that people do that anymore. It seems we really are becoming lazy in our film watching, though I did have a brief discussion with my date, The Bartender, before we ended our beautiful love affair in the worst way possible.

But the movie cannot be blamed for that. Please be aware that I am incapable of doing a Spoiler free review, but I will try to leave some of the big twists out. So from this point forward, I will be reviewing Batman Vs Superman, and there WILL be… Continue reading Batman V Superman: Better than I expected