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Hello 2019!!!

It’s finally time to put the strange year that was 2018 behind us! 2018 was full of many things, both good and bad, but more than anything (or at least for me) it was full of learning.

I learned more about who I was, and I’m still learning about what I’m worth, but 2019 is the year I take all those things I learned and put them to use for me instead of letting things work against me.

2019 is the year I Renew myself!

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Day 1: Intro to me.

I’m afraid today’s entry for this 30 Day Challenge will be a repeat of a variety of previous posts I’ve done before. This blog somehow became a blog about relationships… but before that, it was a blog for me to discuss my life in general and the things that frustrated or confused me, so there are many previous┬áposts that discuss who I am. Look for the ones tagged as “Just Me“.

But, to be fair, I’ll give you the brief rundown: I’m a 30-something year old high school teacher, who, as an adoptee, grew up in a household of a different ethnic makeup than my own. This has colored (no pun intended) the way I see the world, making me put more emphasis on what is inside a person than what is on the outside.

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