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Tinder Adventures on a Tuesday

I had thought about giving up on Tinder. Had given up on Tinder, actually. I needed a few weeks on my own, not thinking about boys. Needed to get my head together, finish up the school year.

Technically, no, the school year is not finished, but I’ve got everything planned the way it needs to be. I’ve got copies made for everything except the final exam. I do have copies made for the final projects though, and most kids will do that instead of the 100+ comprehensive final… which is kind of a mess, but I didn’t get to make it or have anything to do with it, so… I am encouraging my students to do the final projects instead.  Continue reading “Tinder Adventures on a Tuesday”

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Your Fantasy Is My Reality

There’s been a thing rolling around in my brain for a little while. As I look back at my relationships, and see the patterns, I see over and over again that they are insanely short.

Like, abnormally short.

Like I’ve-had-goldfish-with-longer-attention-spans short.  Continue reading “Your Fantasy Is My Reality”

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When did Gentlemen become a rarity?

The Bartender and I were discussing this very thing just the other night. As he and I met on Tinder, we’ve both had a few encounters of the unpleasant kind. Well, I have at least. Turns out I’m the first person he’s ever actually met up with from Tinder, though a girl he’d previously spoken to seems to have been one of the crazy ones…

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Start with the Little Things.

I came across a quote by Peter Capaldi today. I’ve seen it before, but it always sticks with me. It was a quote from an interview, one of several, where he talks about his wife. It always gives me a feeling that all is right with the world when I see or hear him talk about his wife. It is proof that romance is in fact still alive and kicking, and that there are still people who find that everlasting love, the one that I every now and then think might just be a myth.

And it’s all because of the little things. While I’m sure there’s more to the story, one of my favorite Peter Capaldi quotes is in response to a question about someone doing something nice for him.

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What if you can’t “hide your crazy?”

Some while back, I’d added talking about Asperger’s Syndrome to my list of topics on here because I think I have it. Am sure I have it. Still haven’t been officially tested, because I’m terrified that people won’t see it.

Most of my friends don’t.

Then again, all but about three of them have never seen me without some sort of mask on. Continue reading “What if you can’t “hide your crazy?””

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Time to Try a Bad Boy

A while back (somewhere between the Artist and Superman), I met a guy who caught my fancy but I wasn’t particularly sure about. In case you don’t remember, he was a bartender at a restaurant I would frequent with one of my book club girls, and he has a record. On our first meeting he told me about his kind of thuggish past. He tells all, as a matter of fact, holding absolutely nothing back, which is both a little bit disturbing but also amazingly refreshing.

On the one hand it’s really nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about secrets, or being a secret myself. On the other hand, there are some things I really don’t need to know.  Continue reading “Time to Try a Bad Boy”