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Day 16: Favorite Children’s Book.

I have two answers for this. One is my favorite book that I remember from childhood, and one is my favorite children’s book that I still read.

The first one is Oh Say Can You Say. I pretty much love all things Dr. Suess (see? I’ve always had a thing for a Doctor!), but this one stands out as my favorite childhood book. I still have some of the poems memorized, like the one about the Fuddnuddler brothers, who like to pile each on the heads of the others…

Of course, if you ask my mother, she’d probably tell you my favorite is The Cat in the Hat. According to her, I had it memorized by the age of 4, but just because she had read it to me so many times that I memorized the words, not that I was actually able to read the words.

I don’t remember that far back, so who knows? I mean, it’s a good book, but I don’t like it as much as I like the other one. But I’ve always been a sucker for a good tongue twister.  Continue reading Day 16: Favorite Children’s Book.

A Plea From a Teacher

A Plea From a Teacher. I’m not entirely certain how this “Press This” feature works, but the linked post is a must read! As an educator, I whole-heartedly agree with what this teacher says: If you want to reform education, do away with the testing!

My students just took the new Texas STAAR test, and I am appalled that they were expected to write an entire narrative in under a page, and expected to include all the necessary elements of a story. Then to give them two Expository essays (both under a page), and expect it to make sense, when not only were they under a time limit…It’s asinine! Like she says: take all the rules of writing and through them out the window.

This blog post needs to go viral! If you want to make a difference about something a little closer to home than the Kony 2012, which was all the rage a few weeks ago, share the above post any way possible!