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Time to Refocus

Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to realize that your world has become out of focus. Spending the last few days at home has helped me to realize that I haven’t had my priorities 100% in the right place. I’ve been spending too much time trying to figure out what was going on with a man who didn’t even see me as a person, so I’ve let important things, like my writing, sit on the back burner.

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I think I need s’mores.

Today was a beautiful day outside! Really gorgeous, albeit windy, but I spent most of it indoors except for a handful of errands that needed to be run, and a quick walk to enjoy the beautiful day.

And why would I be inside on such a beautiful day? Because I’m camping.

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Help me Pay It Forward.

This is the year I finally make my dream of becoming a published author a reality, and as such I want to give back! I began the story, The Secrets of Seashells, last November as part of NaNoWriMo. It has since then gotten a bit of a following on Tablo, and is also up to be published (if it gets enough votes) at Something Or Other Publishing.

And none of it could have happened without the inspiration, encouragement, and creative genius that comes from NaNoWriMo. Please help me to support the organization that helped me make my dream a reality.

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