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Tonight on #JustAddTea: Second Chances.

I’ve been really dwelling on this whole idea of second chances. What type of person deserves a second chance? Or does everyone deserve an opportunity to prove themselves?

I usually take the second stance, but I’ve been really thinking about how things were with the Pirate, and I think that perhaps my curiosity and my loneliness got the better of me and thus I made him out to be better in my head than he was in reality. On the other hand, I do see how his current situation may be to blame for his crappy attitude, and I really hadn’t made up my mind whether or not he was more Jekyll or more Hyde.

Thus, tonight, I’m seeking advice in our Twitter chat. Tonight’s #JustAddTea party will be about Second Chances! Continue reading Tonight on #JustAddTea: Second Chances.

Merry Midsummer!!

For me, Midsummer (or Litha, or the Solstice, or the first day of Summer, or whatever you want to call it) is about truth and healing and enjoying the sun! The sun shines light upon the darkness, scaring away the (metaphorical) demons, letting only truth shine, and on this, the longest day of the year, it is a day for discovery and welcoming truth and joy into our lives!

I have a strong urge to take a few of my incenses and my smudge stick and go to the beach and start a bonfire! Continue reading Merry Midsummer!!

Tonight on #JustAddTea: Summer Vacations!

Everyone thinks that teachers have this massive party all summer long, and oh how I wish that were true. To be honest, most of my summer so far has been attempting to sleep. My whole schedule is off, and I can already tell that it’s going to start affecting me in bad ways. I’ve been very anxious for the whole last week or so…

Then again, some of that might have to do with the pretty sizable catastrophes of the two weeks prior. Like having to move suddenly, and my bank account being hacked. Yeah, it’s been rough.

I’ve also been dating a bit. Mostly the same guy, though I’m starting to doubt whether or not it’s actually dating. He seems to be like the Boy in that he doesn’t want to date, just play. But that doesn’t seem right either.  Continue reading Tonight on #JustAddTea: Summer Vacations!

The Benefit of #Lemonade

I keep trying to tell people that I am capable of admitting when I’m wrong. Here’s me doing that. After having listened to Beyonce’s Lemonade about 3 more times, and having watched it at least 2 more times, I think I have to admit there is some benefit to it.

Do I think it is, as one author put it, a “masterpiece?”

No. For one thing, I still can’t get past how in “Don’t Hurt Yourself” she has that line that says “Who the f*ck do you think I is?”

But I can agree that it is opening the door to a really important discussion: Men’s infidelity.

Continue reading The Benefit of #Lemonade

Discriminated against because she’s too pretty?

I wouldn’t normally have had an opportunity to catch this show, and frankly I didn’t even know it existed! But Meredith Vieira somewhat spoke on her show about what we were just discussing about guys not liking smart girls.

Well, let’s not give her more credit than she deserves. She, in what I guess is her version of the View‘s Hot Topic segment, mentioned a young woman who thought she was too pretty to be taken seriously. It’s just another symptom of that whole “guys being afraid of smart girls” thing. Seeing as it seems to be the most relevant thing on Meredith’s show, let’s give it a look and see what she had to say…

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