Happy Blogiversary to me!

Who would have thought that five years would see so much change, and yet so much stay the same!

Five years ago today, I started writing about my life in a very small town, as a new teacher, aware that I was too progressive for the area I was in, and thinking that my blog would be my way of dealing with the pressures of being so liberal in such a conservative, backwoods area.

I fully expected this to be like Dangerous Minds, but in the country.

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Day 25: Favorite Blogs/Websites

Today on our 30 Day Journey, we’re going to look at the other sites and blogs that look at. I recently nominated several blogs for the Liebster Award, but those were all specifically blogs that were new or had a set number of followers. The ones we’ll be looking at today are a wee bit more developed than those. I spend a lot of time online, more than I’d care to admit to, but there are some sites/blogs that I pay more attention to than others. Some for work, and some because of they inspire me, and some just because they’re fun. Continue reading